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All Memories

If you would like to share your own memories, stories, or love for Doge please do it here and your words will be added to the memorial website <3

If you would like to share your own memories, stories, or love for Doge please do it here and your words will be added to the memorial website <3

Farewell old friend


Kabosu made us smile on dark days. Rest in peace. Fly high pupper.


i love doge so much very much , you are my Memories forever


I loved Doge a lot, she was cute and I had her on my pfp in all social media (actually I only have her in YouTube). Love you Kabosu, you will be always in my heart!


Dear Doge Kabosu, Wish you in a better place <3


Watch the coin with your face take over the world 🫡! RIP

Paul S.

Thank you for taking such good care of such a beautiful spirit, and amazing friend.

Thank you

Really miss u


We all already miss this dog, he was a symbol of the internet. May he rest in peace in Shiba Inu paradise.


My introduction to Shibas! I now call one my best friend. Thank you for everything, Kabosu


We are the same age Kabosu, I will really miss you. I always love you. Thank you for existing and bringing many smiles and laughs to everyone


Kabochan has, and continues to lead me to the greatest friends I've ever met. <3 Thank you!


Doge genuinely Brought so much joy to peoples lives. The memes changed the course of the internet for good. Goodbye old friend. I’ll see you again some time…




You always made me smile, Kabosu, and your memes were very funny. It was kinda sad to see you age, but I know you had a great life and were loved until the very last moment by your family. Rest in peace now, you brought joy to many and will be never forgotten. Thank you, legend


귀여운 카보스. 영원히 잊지 않을거야! 행복하게 편히 쉬길 바래.


I never met you, but mom and dad said you made the world a better place. Woof woof Wesley


Such and beautiful and loving Doge. You will be missed and forever cherished for bringing the world laughs and happiness with your face and charm. To Kabosu’s mom and anyone who has lost a furry friend please take care of yourself and know they will be waiting for you at the end with wagging tails. I hope Kabosu is up in heaven with my dog Ace playing together and getting lots of pets and love while watching over us.


The internet was forever changed for the better by Kabosu, and there would have definitely been people I wouldn't have met or befriended if not for Kabosu (albeit indirectly). Thank you Kabosu, you will be missed.


Rest in peace Kabosu. She is still a legend 🙏


大好きだよ、かぼちゃん Doge love💗 ̖́-


Dear Kabosu, Thank you so much for all the good laughs and funny images your adorable pictures gave the internet, without you the internet culture wouldn't be as funny as it was in it's prime. And as heartbroken as I was to learn about your passing I know your parents gave you your best life they could and I extend this thank you message to them as well; Dear Kabosu parents, thank you for everything you did for Kabosu. Farewell, friend.


Thanks for all the memes



One puffy boi

As a meme fan I really like the atmosphere of love and kindness that Kabosu gifted to us. We love u K! 🫶


Me encantaron todas las memories que me dio Doge / Kabosu, de verdad aunque no logre conocer mucho del perrito era preciosa y fue mi foto de perfil y de mi telefono por varios años. Siempre estaras en mi corazon, Kabosu, te quiero mucho y fuiste muy amada por todo el mundo


Doge- Kabosu, remembering the evolution of the doge meme will be something I won't forget. You reminded me of my dog that crossed rainbow bridge as well. I'm glad you got to live a life as the most loved dog. :_)


you'll always be my favorite internet dog


Thank you for changing my life. Do only good everyday. ——— 私の人生を変えてくれたことに感謝します。毎日良いことだけをしてください。


the impact this silly little doggo on the internet had on my life is immense and i wish best wishes to kabosu's owner and family <3


My entire internet persona was marked by this dogs existence. i have always loved this meme since the day i discovered it. RIP kabosu-sama, you will always be loved.




Love you kabosu



hello, kevvo

A shining beacon of light and hope for humanity permanently etched into the very fibers of our worldwide connection. ❤️🐕


I was in 5th grade when I first saw the Doge meme. It was hilarious to little me, and I enjoyed it very much throughout the years. I'm in college now, and I was very heartbroken to see that she had passed. She seems to have had quite a long and happy life. I wish nothing but the best for her owners, who clearly loved her very much. Thank you for all the laughs. Fly high, queen.


I'm so thankful that I got to grow up from child to adult with you. You've shined a very bright light onto this world and you shall continue to shine on in the sky. Rest in paradise, Kabosu. 🖤🦋




Thank you Kabosu chan, you'll forever changes my life


kabosu changed the world for the better, the worlds best doge 💖


Kabosu taught me so much about memes without kabosu there wouldn’t be so much joy in crypto thank you


I’ve been following Kabosu since the first doge memes started, even though I never met this random shiba in Japan she was part of my life through the internet and she will be forever missed

Abril Torres

Thank you, Kabosu.


Such a beautiful girl, love you forever, Kabosu.


Rest in Peace, Kabosu You will always be the goodest of girls to everyone❤️

Tristan Hartley

RIP the best doge on the internet. Will be miss and loved forever


You will be missed legend Much love

Talha Khano





Forever in our hearts, rest in peace Kabosu we love you❤️❤️❤️


little pumpkin, do you know how many people you managed to reach? you were light and will continue to be, take care of all of us next to cheems, my boyfriend once told me that when it's raining it's actually you and cheems urinating on us and I really believe that, I'll never forget you kabosu chan❤️

Nick chan

We all loved doge but he sadly didn’t make it before summer all of the Memes make me happy when I am sad but we will be sad forever

Davis Brooksher

Kabosu, you will be missed but it’s amazing to know your legacy will live on from all the power you’ve generated. Legends never die. As my shitzu poodle dog Gary turns 19 this year we’re watching him closely with you in mind. Love you. Do only good everyday.

Jon Lynn

The spirit of Kabosu will continue to live in us all. RIP to the dog that was destined to change the world 💛

I’m in my teens and play roblox but I remember as a younger child probably 7 I changed my avatar to Doge I just found out she passed and I’m so sad :( Rest in peace


kabosu was a great meme for me




We will never forget you and the love you brought to the internet. Fly high Doge, you will be missed.


I was able to bond with my siblings over Kabosu and the memes of her as we were growing up. Forever among the stars, and forever in our hearts. Much love, such wow. Long live, Doge.


remember seeing kabosu when i was very young, ultimately making me love the shiba inu breed so much and making me love dogs more in general. you will live on in memory, rest in peace 🤍


From the moment I saw that now iconic photo, I instantly knew that Kabosu was special. A face that could be instantly recognized and that people could come to love and share around with funny text. You will forever have a spot in my and everyone’s hearts. May you rest in peace! <3

Alejandro Perez

I have seen the famous doge picture for many years, I have enjoyed the memes that have came about it because of it. Even when was in middle school, on this coding website, I made a game including the doge, fun times. Kabosu has left a legacy on the internet and is special to many of us!

Nathan C.

Kabosu, you will be missed but it’s amazing to know your legacy will live on from all the power you’ve generated. Legends never die. As my shitzu poodle dog Gary turns 19 this year we’re watching him closely with you in mind. Love you. Do only good everyday.

Jon Lynn

remember seeing kabosu when i was very young, ultimately making me love the shiba inu breed so much and making me love dogs more in general. you will live on in memory, rest in peace 🤍


I was able to bond with my siblings over Kabosu and the memes of her as we were growing up. Forever among the stars, and forever in our hearts. Much love, such wow. Long live, Doge.


We will never forget you and the love you brought to the internet. Fly high Doge, you will be missed.


I have seen the famous doge picture for many years, I have enjoyed the memes that have came about it because of it. Even when was in middle school, on this coding website, I made a game including the doge, fun times. Kabosu has left a legacy on the internet and is special to many of us!

Nathan C.

From the moment I saw that now iconic photo, I instantly knew that Kabosu was special. A face that could be instantly recognized and that people could come to love and share around with funny text. You will forever have a spot in my and everyone’s hearts. May you rest in peace! <3

Alejandro Perez

Hi Doge, I hope you have a great time in Heaven with dear Cheems, your family here misses you and we hope you will be waiting for us when we die, we love you doge, and we know you love us back! 💖

Carla Mak

Long live doge! Love ya buddy, rest easy


Por siempre en nuestros corazones <3 te extrañaremos muchísimo querido Doge. Ahora ya estás con el patrón Cheems en la eternidad


my favourite dog of all time. Hope you are free from all the pain up there.


I’ll never forget all the memories I had of kabosu, sharing memes with my friends, smiling at all of them, and of course later finding out that “doge” was a real dog, the love shared will never be forgotten.


such meme, many memory, much happy, te amo doge


such love, so wow xx


全ての良い思い出をありがとう。 安らかにお休みください ❤️


Your influence and impact on the world has been the reason that I had loved Shiba Inus my whole life. So much that I have been able to befriend two of them named Boo and Roo in my lifetime. The name Kabosu is a legend for the books and your loving stare will forever be cherished by billions. Such wow, big rest. Thanks for the memories.

Joey Y

It’s really hard to believe that she finally passed, I can’t believe we will continue to grow older but she won’t :(


Kabosu is a hero to all humanity on a massive scale. Inspiring all to be a more kind to each other and to bravely innovate for good causes.

Isaac Ogle

Thanks for always making me smile


Kabosu brought me so much joy for many years. She was one of my favorite meme dogs and has still remained my favorite meme even when others seemed to lose interest in Doge. I hope you are living large in the great beyond girl and please visit my fluffy boys for me I know they would love you too! You will forever live on in our hearts and memories sweet Kabosu 🧡🤍



Poet J.

Thank you so much Kabosu! You were my favorite dog! I’ve laughed at so many of your memes.


I’m a 2000s kid. Grew up with the spicy memes we all know and love and I was just broke enough to have a taste of the 80s and 90s. Doge was truly one of the best ones everyone can old near and dear and honestly brought comic sans to such wonderful infamy. Honestly thinking about it a lot of things wouldn’t be how they were thanks to doge. Undertale fans prolly has doge to thank for sans existence dude 🤧. But I digress, she was more than just a meme she was a companion and shined with the love her owners gave her. Thank you for sharing her with us and thank you for showing people that our furry family can be as funny as us

A Foolish Goat

I first ran into Doge online as a kid in around 2014 a bit after she'd blown up. I was maybe 6 or 7 when I saw my first Doge meme. I remember making drawings, characters, and so many things about Kabosu. She was apart if my childhood and hearing about her passing felt like a bullet to the heart. I am now currently 17, so this hit pretty close to home. She gave me so many smiles and laughs with her adorable memes. In her memory, I plan to get a window sticker of her on my car to add to my window decal collection and to show my respects. My heart goes to the family of Kabosu and I am so deeply sorry for your loss. It has torn many of our hearts hearing about her passing and we will never let this internet legend EVER be forgotten. May she get much rest, much wow, much love, much pets, and to the family...much hugs and also much love. My heart is with you. 💙💙💙 The internet will miss you dearly, Doge. We all will. 😢💔 ~ Love DaringLobster34


Doge has saved me from years of alienation, isolation, depression and anxiety. Countless enjoyment and memories were made with her amazing face and beautiful fur! Such a happy doge and a happy family that took care of her and took the effort to make that fateful photo that changed so many lives and brought smiles to so many childhoods now and always. Rest in Peace Kabosu!

Rob M.

such sadness, much good times, so longing We'll miss you, Doge.


Dear Kabosu, Dear Doge, Rest easy, you were more than a good dog you are a legend and will forever be remembered


you were very great I am really saddend that you have now passed I wish you rest well


Much sad, Very miss Very good, much rest Rest well kabosu


The bestest doggo We’ll miss you 🥺

Jeremy Wolfla

The best years of my life were filled with memes, specifically doge, goodbye, Kabosu.


Rip doge fr


One Dog, Such Fame! Really paved the early days of not only the internet but my path in life, may your impact, one day impact all of us to make big changes in our life. :) may you rest easy my friend.

Bryce Phoenix

That dog was very popular and I really feel bad she died, she seemed like such a good dog. I really hope she has a good time in Heaven and I hope that her family is ok because I know how it feels like to lose a pet. Amy (9 years old, nearly 10)

Amy H.

Much peace, resting well, so kind, much miss, greatest ever, fly high


Long live doge long live kabochan


I grew up somewhat in an earlier internet, 2010-on for the most part. One of my earliest and fondest memories online is and always will be Doge. In middle school we had a “meme day” where you could dress as your favorite meme. I took a school shirt, printed out a black and white image of Doge, and taped it onto said shirt and walked around the entire day with it. For years I had that paper on my wall as a sort of poster, eventually it got kinda crumpled and I had to print a new one which is still on my wall to this day. I somewhat dreaded this but knew it would happen eventually, but I am glad I got to live in the era of Kabosu! And to the owner- Atsuko, thank you for taking such great care of her over the years and for sharing all the joyful memories, including the one that started it all. We love you Doge! ❤️


Kabosu! You were the highlight of my meme-ry (get it? Hehe) It was pleased to know you digitally. You changed so many, touched so many. You’re a pinnacle of what it’s like to be an icon. Run free across the rainbow bridge, with my dogs Ciko and Mimi…also Cheems!


Thank you Kabosu for all the memes, fun and good times. Sending love from Australia


So much happiness and joy; me and my now wife adopted our own doge - aged 11 - from difficult circumstances, in 2019. He still lives with us now in London, aged 15. Doges recent years have filled us with happiness and reflection on what one day will come. Until then our adorable Shiba brings joy to us and to others, one shake and silly face at a time. RIP Kabosu.


I first found Kabosu through the doge meme when that became a thing years ago. Since then I've followed her on the owners blog and posts on social media and the pictures have always brought joy. Thanks for the smiles. Good girl!


Thank you Kabosu for always bringing me a smile through memes or your natural beauty. You’ve touched so many hearts and brought so much happiness I hope heaven is everything you could have wanted and more tell Baltze I said hi

Mark young

You'll be remembered for my whole life.. Entered in crypto just because of you and you made my life better. Thanks for everything and Rest In Peace❤

Beula Catherine

So sad to see you go Kabosu-chan. You will always live forever to me. I hope to see you one day, and I will live by your motto!


We miss and love you, Kabosu! Thank you for making this world a better place. ❤️


DOGE: Do Only Good Everyday Kabosu - Thank you for the Inspiration and Love The Thought Form, that is a meme, for Global Positivity and Kindness

Thora - Love

Thank you for everything Kabosu we will miss you

Alex MV

We miss Kabosu dearly. You are so loved. Much cherished. Please enjoy your rest.


Doge is Love


Was great meeting you in Japan last year Kabo, hope you find dogo peace.


Much love, hope to see you again dogo <3


Thank you for making my childhood and making me grow to having a shibu-inu more. They're cute and unique dogs and so are you. I hope you have a good and fun time in the skies above. : )

Maya Farrow

Ruhe in Frieden, ich liebe dich, Kabosu I love you doge ❤️


Kabosu was a gread doggy, I remember to laugh a lot with their memes in 2012; i'm going to miss you

Robb Arce

Rest in peace, Kabosu, my sweet furry fren. You have created a global movement to spread much pawsitivity, laughter, kindness, joy, love, and unity in a world that can be so dark at times. You are furever a legend my fren, I love you <3


RIP Kabosu, wish there will be no leukemia in heaven, such sad. Wish you can see our support and I guess, goodbye :(


You’re forever the most gud dog and always loved. 💚🐾💚 DJ DOGE


Rest in peace to the world's most iconic dog, Kabosu. May her legacy of joy and perseverance live on forever through our global community. Legends never die.


Doge is Love




I'm on tears writting this. Ever since i met this meme back in the 2010's as a child, i grew algonside with the internet, watching the pipeline of rage comics to doge with impact font to this post irony humor that we all know today; i'll always remember and thank Kabosu for being the funny yellow dog that shaped my humour for the rest of my life. i always say that animal related memes are the most tragicomic ones since pet lifespans are much shorter than us humans, and even if a meme lifespand tends to be even shorter, the death of an animal related to a meme (like Cheems, Gabe, Keyboard cat to put some examples) makes them come back from it's usual forgotten state, so one could say that animals who are depicted in memes live forever in this tremendous vastness that we call internet. Thank you Kabosu. You'll be forever in my heart.


The world became a brighter place with Kabosu in it. Her presence touched many lives, including mine, and her memory will continue to inspire us all. As I look at my own Shiba Inu, Haru, I am reminded of the joy that Kabosu brought to me and many others. She will always be cherished and remembered fondly.


Dear doge I remember watching your memes around 2014 and since that day I always laugh at all the memes that were created and You make me happy Even though I didnt meet You in person, I really appreciate that I was alive to see doge we Will remember You forever and I wish the family the Best and rest assure doge is resting and feeling happy that their family love her and gave her a wonderfull life Thank You doge and rest assure I Will tell your legend to My kids and grandchildren you will forever live in our hearts ❤️


Seeing your picture around the internet reminded me there is always something that we can find in common in this world. I was always happy to see your updates and am glad to have been here for your journey. See you, space cowgirl


Thank you for the laughs, shared her image so many times amongst friends. Rest well friend


thank you for all of the good memories you have shared with me, with us. from all the memes in the internet you're the only one am the honored one. youre memes give me the meaning that positivity could be in any shape. youre memes give me the courage to do something, and make me think that its okay to start something before giving up. youre memes rasied me in its way. thank you, for all the positivity and all the memes you have shared with us and thanks for being our inspiration, rest in peace kabosu, may you feel happy in the afterlife.


We love You forever buddy ❤️ México miss You.

Gaby Godina

I am very sorry for your loss, your doge image has always been among my favorite memes. I have seen many kind of dogs in the world, but because of Doge, shiba inu has become my favorite dog race ever. Memes are the essential stuff on the internet and his image is among one of iconic internet pieces to date, and i just want to say that i'll cherish all the memories that you have shared with the world. Thank you for everything, Doge.


Thank you Kabosu and mama! Fall in love with your meme image and innocent smile. Now I am having my own doge - 2 year old shiba because of you 💕 run free and happily in rainbow bridge.


Don't worry kabosu doge,you willa be long last in heaven!


In the 8th grade, I created a short-lived, silly meme account centered around kabosu and her internet friends. Despite quickly gaining serious traction, I deleted the account out of embarrassment for how silly I thought it was. Today I look back with gratitude on the short time I spent running that account, as it gave me an innocent sense of joy to come home from the complexities of growing up and edit silly pictures of “doge”. To know that my edits and memes put a smile on peoples faces the same way kabosu has for a decade is incredibly powerful. I could never see such an account as embarrassing or silly today, as it’s easier to appreciate and acknowledge the joy kabosu and her friends brought to the world everyday. Kabosu has truly changed the world, may she forever rest in peace. Kabuso has been a true miracle, the most precious and joyous beam of light in our world! 💜💜💜

hayden milanovich

Thanks to share with us the privilege to know about the little baby doge. With love to the sky and the eternity. 🐾


For as long as I can remember the image of Kabosu’s iconic face has always been around me growing up on the internet. Rest in Piece to the legendary Kabosu.


The Queen of Internet, much love from Costa Rica ❤️

Jorge Solorzano

You have helped me during my darkest moments Kabosu/Doge! Rest in peace you will never be forgotten.


Thank you Kabosu mama for taking care and raising Kabosu the doge, and thank you for all the memories and fun times you gave us. Rest well kabosu.


Thanks for making my day wholesome back in 2010, such wow


to the dog that changed the internet forever and introduced me to laughs when i was in elementary school, thank you. going from a dog that looked funny to seeing the mournful day, you changed my life for the better. i will forever remember the first image i ever saw of doge, a hot dog version of her. i’ll always remember pronouncing doge as “dowg-e” may the heavens protect doge and bless all of the souls that she touched, for we will never see such a world changing dog again.


Los memes de Doge me hacian reir y sonreir siempre,ver su expresion feliz era muy lind@ fue una parte importante de mi vida estaba triste veia algunos memes,videos o todo lo que estaba relacionados con doge o incluso usarlo de imagen de perfil o comprar cosas relacionada a Doge. Siempre estaras en nuestros corazones y en el mio Kabosu the Doge :'3


You changed the internet and therefore the world of millions, from your native place in Japan to the furthest point in the world, where I live, Argentina. Have a peaceful rest lil bud


Kabosu, corre libre junto al viento, ahora le perteneces al cielo, al aire y al universo entero. Siempre te recordaremos. 💛

Dog MG

Gracias por todo, Kabo-chan. A ti y a Ball Ball (Balltze) les debo mucha felicidad y alegría. Ahora tengo mi propio Shiba Inu porque aprendí a amar a la raza por ustedes dos. Los perros y gatos deberían ser eternos, pero al menos tú serás eterna en nuestros corazones.

Adi Matamoros

You did good Kabosu. You did so much good. I hope to make at least a fraction of the impact you did. GN to the Bestest Doggo of all time.


Sweet Kabosu, proof that one living being is capable of touching the world and changing it for the better with love and humor.


Even the smallest of us can change the world 😍


Kabosu is such a special dog and represents beautiful optimism that can be spread through the new medium of the internet. I will make the pilgrimage to her shrine one day and pay my respects ❤️ Rest in peace among the stars


Thank you for always putting a smile on my face throughout all these years in the form of different memes. Your memory will continue to live on in the form of new memes and cherished moments forever. I love you Kabosu chan. Thank you for keeping me happy. Tell my doggies I said hi! いつも笑顔と幸せをくれてありがとうかぼすちゃん。絶対忘れないよ…ご冥福をお祈りそして大好きだよ。あつこさん、かぼすちゃんを紹介してくれてありがとうございます。♡

Michelle B.M

Mil gracias por llenarnos de alegría con tu carita preciosa, marcaste una etapa en mi vida que recordaré con mucha ternura. Te extrañaremos ♥️

Samantha Saskia

Kabosu gave us so many years of happiness. we are so thankful for her time here on Earth bringing millions around the world smiles and cheer. we will all miss you dearly Kabosu!


Hermosa y luminosa perrita ,jamás morirá tu ternura en nuestros corazones,atesoraré un pedazo de tu almita en mi alma

Cecilia Medina Saavedra Chile

Kabosu, You were the best good girl. You made the world a better place. Thank you for giving me joy. You had a long and happy life surrounded by so much love and care. You deserved nothing less. I wish I got to meet you, but I will come visit and pay my respects when I get to Japan. Rest in peace sweet Kabo-chan. I will miss you and remember you forever. Say hi to my boy for me. I love you Kabosu!


thank you, not only kabosu, but also atsuko & those involved in rescuing and adopting her, w/out them the world would've missed all the joy our beloved doge brought us. (there's a couple lessons there for us all). RIP. go play with fellow cheems on a cloud, we'll keep you close to our hearts till we meet again


Vuela alto Kabosu, tus recuerdos hacen feliz a mucha gente incluyendome, siempre te recordaremos, abrazo al cielo desde Perú.

Eduardo Sandoval Ortiz

Fly high!


Kabosu, you brought happiness to millions of people during your life. In many ways, your image defined a generation of people growing up with the internet. Your passing marks the end of an era, and the loss of someone truly special. Now you play fetch among the stars, so let nothing hold you back. Fly high, queen, the world will never forget you.


Dogs are such a joy to human beings. They have their own personalities that that express their souls. The Doge is forever a reminder to Web 3 participants that we can only Do only good everyday. The promise is us and Kabuso's spirit is in each of us to live that!

Hawaiian Hammer

Kabosu... aka Doge. If i never came across the Doge meme I wouldn't have become the person that I am today, for that thank for you have existed. Rest in love may we meet in doge heaven one day ❤️


I love you so much Doge, now you are stars dust and you will be ethernal. I hope you will be hippy in dog's heaven.

Elizabeth Bautista Lara

Rest in peace Kabosu🐕 best meme ever. I know in my heart that you are now free of pain, running like the wind and happy as you ever were. Hope that you're now meeting Cheems in dog's heaven and hopefully my own dogs who passed away last year. Farewell, Kabosu!

Astrid Omaña (Colombia)

this doesnt even feel real, she will stay alive in our hearts 💕

the real ea

I didn't know that Doge was a real dog I just knew the dog was a meme and I always would wonder about it but shrug the thought off, I found out about Baltze last year and that the dog passed away. You filled my years with goodness because of your sweet look. Rest in peace bonke Baltze, go to heaven 🏏🐕

Andrew Ochoa

Much wow. Doge brings happiness to the international internet memes. We’ll miss you. Bring memes to heaven and make there a happy place of comic sans.

Lawrence Kan

Thank you Kabosu, for all the laughs and spread of joy through the world, most famous dog in the planet, you will be remembered!


Kabosu, i hope you rest in peace. In the same amount of peace that your brought to the whole world. You reach to my heart in a way no other being did! I really hope you have good friends in heaven. R.I.P

Alejandro Rica

Dear Kabosu, thank you for all the happiness you gave us, and for sharing your life and joy with all around the world. You'll always be loved


Thank you Kabosu for your image that transcended for years making me and my friends happy, your story will always be alive in the memes. Long live The Doge!


Nice to know about Kabosu through the Doge phenomenon. Have fun on Rainbow Bridge :,)

Someone from Hong Kong who likes Kanosu

I love KABOSU, me and my friends always have sent each other pictures of this dog, thousands over the years


Farewell, Kabosu. Your memory shall never leave our hearts as all the smiles you've given us still resonate within.


Most beautiful girl : you will be forever loved and your legacy shall be remembered


Soy del El Salvador, Kabosu deseo que descanses en paz, el saber de ti por internet me gustó mucho la alegría y la ocurrencias que crearon a partir de publicaciones fue de lo mejor, te quiero mucho y gracias por existir, gracias por todo...

Josue Ismael Rivas Elías

The dog that brought a million smiles. Sad to see her go, happy to see what joy she brought. Fly high little one.

Hal Smalley

Kabosu thanks to keep me alive. hope you happy in heaven with cheems. i miss you so much :')


Hey, I know Kabosu will unfortunately not know about how much we loved her but her face will really always be hidden in our souls she's not just a meme or a famous dog who got famous on internet, she's a very kind and warm living being, farewell little angel, you will always be remembered🕊️


Dejas en muchos una gran memoria, tu historia nos recuerda que son momentos pequeños que cambian nuestras vidas. Vuela alto pequeña.

Liz Sandwich

Kabosu is the reason that my beloved Shiba-Uni Griffin is in my life and so special to me. His time is coming soon to join Kabuso and I like to imagine he will be there to welcome Griffin with a wagging tail.

Gabriel P.

Always in My heart


The first meme picture I ever saw. RIP.

Kevin Zweiloushead

I will always love you Kabosu. You changed my life and you changed the world. You and your mom made such an impact in this world you will always be remember as a symbol of hope and joy. Farewell Doge, my beloved

Vincent T

It felt like I was growing up alongside Kabo, she sparked my overwhelming love for Shiba Inu’s when I was younger and it makes me sad to see her gone after we’ve both grown up so much. I will literally never forget her so long as I am alive, she may be gone, but her life has been immortalized and will continue to live alongside the rest of us.


Kabosu is the only meme that I truly felt never got old or unfunny. Her face never fails to make me giggle. Although she may be gone, her impact on the internet and popular culture will last forever!


My friends server worships Kabosu, and we mourn his passing every day


I LOVE U KABOSU!🐾🩷 I will miss u forever sweet baby




Seeing how greatly Kabosu impacted the internet and changed it forever, truly makes me smile to know that not only was she loved by millions and millions of people, (possibly billions) but she was loved, cared for, and had a wonderful life due to her amazing owner, Atsuko. Even in her older age, Doge and Atsuko continued to always have an amount of support, love and positivity that was endless, all while Kabosu was giving her fans a happy smile. Thank you Atsuko and Kabosu (Doge) for making so many people laugh, smile, make and share memes and having Kabosu be one of the greatest doggos ever, solidifying Doge as a timeless figure of the internet. Hopefully Kabosu and Cheems are playing together among the stars. Doge and Cheems live on!


Thank you very much for creating my favorite meme ever, for providing fun quirky memes for so many years, and for simply making life a bit more fun and lighter. Doge will always be my favorite meme. And remember to do only good everyday. Rest easy now, sweet Kabosu.


The world will never be the same...


Doge hizo de nuestras vidas un mejor lugar, le deseamos un feliz viaje a las estrellas, en el que se encontrará a más de nuestros amigos peludos. Descanse en paz, Doge.

Humberto Vázquez Sánchez

Gracias por darnos tantas alegrías durante todos estos años kabosu.. Te queremos y extrañaremos mucho! Internet no será lo mismo sin la presencia poderosa de Doge... pero serás eterna e infinita como el cielo donde ahora estás! Descansa en paz angelito

Elena Vargas Párraga

A loving animal that was part of our colective minds, living her best life without knowing how big she was in oir hearths


For me it all started on Reddit, men and my goofy friends hanging out in one of our apartments during Uni times. We had Doge showing up in memes and tried our own hand at Doge-speak memes with scant success. Later I got involved in Bitcoin mining and noticed Doge coin had been created , this was still during my uni years so I was just a poor student. I bought 50$ of Dogecoin for the lolz, not really putting any value into it more than it being funny. Time. passed by and Elon started tweeting about Doge and I had heard people talking about how the price had begun skyrocketing, so I checked it out and saw that my 50$ had done some quite insane appreciating. Lost touch with it for a bit but then heard Elon was going to feature on SNL and I saw it as an opportunity. During the SNL skit I sold off Doge bought for those 50$ at that moment worth more than 35.000$. I kept some but this twist of fate allowed me to pay off a loan I had taken when me and my wife renovated our kitchen, it also allowed me to buy my wife a +1 carat diamond ring and get married and also the remainders acted as the seed funding for the coffee roastery that I today run. So - Dear Kabosu, you gave both me and my friends smiles in our uni years, you gave me the possibility to pay off a loan, get married and start my company. There's really no other being that has done so much for me merely by existing as you did for me. Thank you for all they joy you brought and that you still bring, I will never ever forget you and neither will my wife. You changed our lives and we love you for it. May your howl echo through the eons of existence dear Kabosu Buddha.

Daogeshi.eth (Mr. W. B)

I’ll miss you. You were one of the best memes in the word❤️


No sé cómo pero siento como si yo hubiera perdido a mi perro, de verdad que tus memes siempre me alegraban el día, espero que estés bien donde quieras que esté 😊


The first time I saw doge I did so many things my first YouTube account was called doge_is_wow you’ve touched my heart and it’s sad to see you gone. LLTD LONG LIVE THE DOGE


I love you Doge 🐾

Pablo Cheems

Miss you.


Never was and never will be someone like you, Kabosu. Arigato!


thank you for making our life a little bit more funny . RIP .

Nishant kumar

Kabosu. Fuiste parte primordial en la adolescencia compartiendo memes sobre ti. Ahora ya de adulto, aun no me creo que ya no estes aqui. Poco a poco se nos van las leyendas del internet. Espero te encuentres en un lugar mejor. Aunque ya no estes aqui, dejaste un legado que nunca nadie podra borrar. Vuela alto pequeño peludito. Con mucho cariño, animos y condolencias para tus seres queridos. De aqui hasta el cielo <3.

Tonatiuh Q.H.P.

Me and my bestfriend/ boyfriend made loads of stickers of him from ur many circulated videos. And we pretend he's in our imaginery dream family 🖤. We love doge so so much🖤. he'll always be a part of our lives in a different and internal way , unique as well. Rest in peace baby 🖤ur a hero

Ahona Mukherjee

Rest in peace Kabosu


i wish someone else who has brought a lot less positivity to peoples lives (like mitch mcconnell or the fake country of israel) would have died instead of you, kabosu. the world will miss you. thank you for the years of joy and laughter.


Te queremos mucho Kabosu! Gracias por alegrarnos el día durante todos estos años. Siempre estarás inmortalizada en nuestros corazones ❤️🕊️


Non ti dimenticherò mai piccolo cane speciale,eri dolcissimo :-(


Doge was always an important part of my families life. A day doesn't go by that I do not see a picture of kabosu. May she rest in peace

Zachary Munn

It was one of the first most important memes along with cheems, I hope he rests in peace, long live the kings of the internet😿😿🤎❤️


Thank you for everything.

Polish Doge

You always made me laugh even in the darkest moments of my life. Thank you Kabosu I will keep your legacy alive for the rest of my life

Camryn D

I remember the meme back in 2013 and started using the "so" and "much" phrases with a friend in work all the time. Fast forward over the last months I have been reading the blog and found it so touching to see how much Kabosu was loved - reminding me of pets I had as a child and how much pets become one of the family. Thank you for that. Rest in peace Kabosu, gone but never forgotten.


You aren't dead, you live inside all our hearts, we miss you, Kabosu <3


First of all, I wish my condolences to the family of Kabosu, a dog who brought a lot of happiness through the internet throughout these years. 🌟 For as long as I can remember, I remember the image of Kabosu as the emblematic "Doge", how can I not forget it! I hope that as owners of this cute and beloved dog, you know that his story and image traveled throughout the world, including me, who is sending this message from Chile. 🇨🇱 In memory of Kabosu, I am sure that the world will never forget the iconic dog that he was, and we will always remember him fondly. 💗 - @xyzr3nam_ / Renam, from Chile. P.S.: Translated message with translator, I really don't know english, I'm sorry. 🥲


Thanks for everything, enjoy with Ball and all the other dogys :)

Carlo Campos

I used to love doge memes of Kabosu even though I found them late Kabosu touched my hart and my life in a very special way i will always remember the good times thank you Kabosu and her amazing owner hope reincarnation treats Kabosu well

Kabosu fan

Oh, my little Kabosu, thank you for everything! You were the sun for everyone, I love you very much, take care of us with your friend Balltze, in puppy heaven, we will always miss you 💚.

Ana Lucía Moscoso Allain- Perú

Seguí tu vida durante varios años, y me recordaste mucho a mis propios perros. Fuiste muy amada y lo seguirás siendo en cada fan tuyo y en cada meme con tu cara. Que en paz descanses.

María Eva Iglesias

I love you, Doge.

David Ona

Atsuko's blog is just a wonder. Enjoyed reading it and seeing Kabosu every day.


RIP, you will always be a legend


I've had doge as my wallpaper for over 5 years on my phone, and I still have it till this day. R.I.P doge 🫶🕊️


Kabosu chan you are god sent, whenever I think about you I only remember we need to do good everyday. It's karmic grid. I had the chance to visit japan and meet you but I skipped the trip but I promise you I will meet kabosu mama. Your eyes were so special. I am blessed to know you & everyone in own the doge & Feistydao. Thank you for everything my love


Kabosu, I really enjoyed all your memes, I even had a button pin on my backpack with your face when I was in highschool. I met you when I was a child-teen and now I'm 21, amazing. I'm grateful to God for allowing you to have a beautiful long life with a very caring owner. You deserved the love of the entire world. You'll live forever in our hearts. Kisses from Mexico to heaven. 💜


I know Kabosu since the doge meme from 2010, she made me laugh a lot and make me really happy, we are gonna miss a lot Kabosu, thanks Kabosu for everything, for real, for everything, for helping me to get out of my depression, for the laughs, for the good memories, while i write this i'm criying. Because Kabosu was the best meme of my life with Balltze, i'm really gonna miss this two Cheese's head, i'm always gonna remeber you Kabosu, for my whole life, again, thanks for everything. Let's go home Kabosu, together somewhere only we know. Ignacio Andrés Véliz Avendaño 16 year old Chile

Ignacio Véliz

ik you are playing with ball ball, and all the other amazing critters! show them love and happiness kabosu!╰(*´︶`*)╯♡


Rest in peace Kabosu, the most cute and funny Shiba Inu❤️ From Argentina we love you and that never change❣️👑


Kabosu really made a huge impact on my life, even if it may sound funny. The memes were with me for the major part of my „adult-turning” life. They really put a smile on my face numerous times, when nothing could. It really belles me a lot, since i used to be down a lot during that weird period in my life. I even got a tattoo of Kabosu that i made 4 years ago. Rest in paradise queen, you will be remembered and missed. Love you


Lindo el doge, vivirá x siempre en internet y en el corazón de todas las personas que amaban y disfrutaban de ella un abrazo al cielo junto con cheems❤️❤️❤️❤️


Farewell Kabosu. Thank you for making everyone laugh and smile :)) See you on the other side.


You've lived your best life in yourself and in our hearts. Be safe, wherever you are friend. Rest in peace!

Abilash Mikhail Lobo

Kochany piesku, śpij dobrze. Będziemy o Tobie pamiętać.


I'll never forget the charming photo of Kabosu with crossed arms and a smug look.

Jim Milton

Heaven has gained an angel. Rest in peace Doge

Diego Alfredo Garcia Campuzano

We will forever remember and cherish Kabosu. In 2018, a little baby shiba named Mina was adopted into our household following a several years-long obsession with shiba inus, and the obsession has only grown since Mina’s adoption. Our Mina just turned 6 the other day, and it was with Kabosu’s and Balltze’s (also RIP) influences that inspired us to take on such a wonderful breed. Shibas are truly their own little character, not quite completely dog and sort of cat. The influence Kabosu has had on memes, culture, people, and communities worldwide is resounding and will never diminish. RIP to an absolute legend of a dog.

Gabe & Gabby

Its sad that this beautiful dog is gone, we will always love her, she will never be forgotten.🫶🏻🫶🏻


The legend lives forever - her power expands throughout the universe! We love you, Doge ❤️


I remember kabosu as being one of the first meme pics I saw in my childhood. I immediately fell in love with this silly looking pup and even now after all these years,kabosu's famous pic never fails to make me smile. Rest in peace kabosu, you're loved by people all around the world.♥︎


Come back If you can in loving you a meme lover 🥺

Anil kumar

Spoczywaj w pokoju piesku


The legend may be gone, but her legacy will continue through all of us. Thank you Kabosu for everything. You are very loved.


Is it ok to write it in polish? Kabosu, a dla naszego polskiego podwórka po prostu rzułty pies jest czymś więcej niż zwykłym memem. Jest pewną erą dla polskiego internetu, szczególnie tego skupionego na Facebooku. Wraz z jego odejściem, kończy się pewna era. I choć memy będą powstawać dalej, mam nadzieję że Kabosu ogląda nas wszystkich wraz z bratem Cheemsem Balltze <3


Thank you kabosu for making me smile and touching my heart, seeing your photos and your adventures made me happy many days, I'm sure you are enjoying and being a happy dog in a beautiful rainbow, waiting until you are reunited with your beloved humans. Will always remember you ❤️. Saludos y abrazos desde Colombia🇨🇴


Thank, for so many memories, rest in peace my friend 😊

Jorge Mejia

Thank you for the very happy part of my life, see you :)


If it wasn’t for Kabo, I wouldn’t be able to talk to my friend one a near day to day basis. We are both very busy people, I am in the military and my friend Fernando is working for a family of 4. We don’t have time to play games or text usually, but we are able to keep in touch through different posts and memes of kabo. It’s become a daily habit for both of us for the last 5 years. Thank you


Nadia olvidará la radiante, legendaria, maravillosa y me quedo corto con todas las bellas cualidades que pregonaba nuestra querida Kabosu. Es increíble que un ser tan noble con toques angelicales ya no este con nosotros. Mis condolencias a toda su familia más cercana. Si leen esto lo único que puedo decir es que esten tranquilos Kabosu los seguirá cuidando desde el cielo que la acaba de recibir con tonalidades cálidas.

José Miguel from Perú

I love you, RIP play with cheems ❤️


I've originally seen Kabosu in the memes as a child, and she already made me smile. I, along with countless people enjoyed the memes. She inspired and still inspires us, to do good and look at the good in the world. She brings so many of us together. Now, she's become the angel we always knew she was.


Love you Kabosu, God bless you, and may confort you family in this moment, much love from Colombia 🇨🇴 🐕

Jhonathan Suárez

Loving kabosu, you brought so much happiness and laughter into peoples lives. Though you are not with us anymore you will always be remembered and loved. Everyone will remember you and miss you. You lived a good life. I hope that you are happier wherever you are now. RIP little one❤️🐕


Seeing you leaving the world to cross the rainbow is paining. I'm from a different place on earth and my day never went without seeing your face in all mems and posts. I love you wherever you are Doge ❤️ You have all my love


I've known Kabosu Doge for as long as i can remember, she was always a monument for the internet. To see Doge go breaks my heart and many others, she left a beautiful legacy with the endless positivity and joy that came with the Doge meme. She'll forever live on in people's hearts, and mine too. Rest well Kabosu, love is always coming your way up above. ❤️❤️❤️🐾


You've changed our lives in such a positive way I couldn't even begin to describe. You still bring everyone joy, as we gather and celebrate your life. You gave us so many laughs, and for that we love you, Kabosu! ♥


I was born in 2003, I saw the creation of this meme, it seemed very cute to me, more than a meme, over time it became part of the history of the internet and also of humanity, thank you Doge (Kabosu) for all the joy, have a good trip, the world will miss you and will always have you in their hearts, Thank you for everything, we love you, wherever you are ❤️🧡

Angel Joel (Ecuador)

Goodbye beautiful kabosu-chan. You were and are the brightest star of all. I hope you are also happy in puppy heaven now. You were and are very loved by everyone, that is why we will never forget you. You will always live in our hearts. Love you 💕


I love you so much sweet Doge! Thanks for everything 🤎💛

Lexi Marshall

Rest in peace Kabosu, may she fly high 🕊️ She’s made an amazing impact on the internet and our hearts, she may have left us on earth but I know she’ll forever remain happy where she is now. 💕 I remember growing up and seeing her on videos everywhere, and now that I’m older I can say I’ll forever remember her


You made me happy, Kabosu. Love you forever, Doge.

Karla Werneck

I was 12 years old when the Doge meme emerged and became well known around the world for that silly grin she makes in her famous picture!😊 I’m now 23 and still in shock that she’s left all of us 😔🥺 She seemed to be such a funny and happy shiba girl who was absolutely loved and adored by her millions of online fans and followers! But I also know that she had an awesome owner and a great family who took such amazing care of her for her whole life! I feel like a part of my childhood died alongside her when she passed away 😢 R.I.P Kabosu, you absolute legend! No one will ever forget the image of your face as long as the internet continues to exist! You left behind such an inspiring legacy that continues to impact internet culture today and amuse millions of people around the world! Must rest, such peace, goodbye Kabosu 🥹🤚


Doge, kabosu, you were important in the relationship with my brother. We always fought, but when we talked about you or saw your photos we bonded more than ever. Your image was always a light in the darkness. Now that you are an angel, well you always were, we will always have you present in our minds and hearts. No one dies until they are forgotten and we will always have you present. I would have loved to meet you and more than anyone, my brother, you are one of his favorite dogs and he was the one who taught me about you. We love you very much and we hope that you and your owner are calm, each in their place. we will love you forever. With love, Xime.


Gracias por todas las risas que me diste todos estos años. Tú junto con cheems (balltze) llenaron un vacío que me quedó cuando murió mi perrito Shadow. Si lo ves, saludamelo:') tqm

Eveline AP

Kabuso, the dog, I mean the doge was a wonderful part in my online life. Hope kabuso rests well in heaven.


The world became more beautiful since you appeared, Kabosu. ❤️ 🌏✨ I love you forever, thank you for all, Kabo-chan. 🌺❤️ Thank you so much, Miss Atsuko Sato, for taking care of her and giving her all your unconditional love. 🤍🤍🤍 Te quiero mucho, Kabosu, significaste mucho para mí desde que era pequeña, me alegra haber crecido contigo, haberte conocido como 'Doge' en 2014 y haber seguido tus aventuras a través de tus fotos. Has sido mi gran inspiración y siempre seguirás siéndolo dentro de mi corazón ❤️ Gracias por haber formado parte de nuestras vidas, siempre serás recordada por todos nosotros, y por mi parte, en cada pieza de mi arte~ ^^ ❤️🌈


Thanks for making me laugh all these years and for becoming a part lf this world. Shine bright in heavens!

Andres Vargas

I love you Doge! You will be missed. Thank you for being a part of my life. Seeing you happy and smiling on the internet makes my heart smile as well. I hope you are in a better place now. Your memories will live on forever within our hearts. Greetings from the Philippines.❤

Kevin M.

Thanks for everything doge, i'm going to love You all my life


Rest well Kabosu. You are so so so loved.


Every star that was once born, must have to go. I'm truly lucky to people around the world are sharing happiness through a picture of our beloved doge. May she fly high!

Ahnaf Rahman Nabil

Wow such doge. Such happy memories. Very stare. Always good. Much love. Forever in our hearts. Wooooow

Doggo D. Doggerdog

Rest in peace little angel, you spread love through the world.

Carlos Quiroz

Kabosu, more than a decade has passed since I found you through the Doge meme but you will continue to be remembered forever by me and many, many others. Rest in Peace Kabosu, you made me smile since the very first time I saw you and never stopped and never will :')


Thank you for everything Kabosu, you changed my life.


Kabosu made every day worth the fullest. Seeing her always happy face and what adventures her and her Doge mom went on encouraged me to go out and do the same. I will forever be grateful. Rest in Peace Kabosu. Spread the love of Doge. Much wow, much love.❤️

Finn Reinke

Kabosu has stuck with me ever since I was a kid, every username or Tag, always included her. Although i never met her, she’s always been a comfort for me. You’ve earned your rest, for all that you’ve done and will still do for everyone.

Jason B

I love you doge Kabosu, from Hong Kong <3


Thank you very much for having been a happy dog ​​and having the power to make the world smile, I will always remember you. You were a brilliant dog and will continue to be. just thank you for the love and all the moments you gave us See you always dear friend ♡🌈🩷💖


You were an inspiration. Not only for me, but for billions of people across the entire internet, your memory will stay and you will not be forget. LONG LIVE DOGE


Kabosu is around the same age as me, born in 05. When I first discovered then"doge" image on the internet i found it really funny and enjoyable to look at. I'll never forget the memes and silly times with this image. Thank you Kabosu for bringing joy to me! Fly high Kabosu! -Hiro


Thank you family of kabo Chan for allowing all the world to know about this beautiful dog and be the most loving dog ever. You and balltze made the world happy during hard times and that’s something that I will never forget

Juan Pablo Araos

Doge didn't leave us . He always and forever live in our hearts .LONG LIVE THE DOGE


I was one of those kids who made and used the badly edited Doge memes. I remeber the day my friend told me "Hey, did you know Doge has an instagram". I didn't but i instantly went and followed you. You were a part of millions of kids childhoods/and even more people. We all miss you already. But i know you are better now. It really sadend me to see you in that state but you were strong. Rest in peace legend🕊


Thank you Dodge. You hace changed the world. Fly Hugh my dear <3


Wow! Thank you for being in the same timeline as me Doge I loved your memes alongside Cheems it never made not smile thank you for being born and thank you Atsuko for adopting Doge to be Doge.


Farewell orange dog


Buon riposo Kabosu! Thanks for bringing us comfort even in tough times. Love from Italy xxx


Kobasu, or Doge as you’re well known in the west. Thank you for the bottom of our hearts for making the internet a better place. You walk among the greatest of samurai now and will forever be remembered amongst the greatest of memes. Rest well.


Good dogs go to heaven, NFT & cryptobros go to hell. Long Live Kabosu


Rest easy beautiful queen.


Gracias por formar parte de este mundo con tu meme

Federico Nyfeler

Thank you Kabosu for bringing light to many in this world. Your mark in internet history and people’s hearts will never be forgotten and may you live on eternally ❤️.


Rest in comfy peace Kabosu! I remember when Doge were mooning and people feel happy.

Sumi Miao

Kabosu helped me with my first dog's passing. Images of her reminded me of him and everytime I saw her, it felt like he was still with me.


It feels like yesterday when you appeared with your funny expression to make us happier. I followed your adventures as well and I could see how loved you were reflected in that beautiful smile. Thank you for all these years of joy and laughter. Rest easy baby girl, forever in our hearts ♥️


Kabosu , miss you a lot baby . Take rest Baby .. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 . Love from India .

Sneha priya

Rip the doge😭


Kabosu is still my profile picture since 2014. I loved doge since I was 12. May we forever carry on the good ideals which Doge represents. Do Only Good Everyday.


Love you doge there are many stickers pack of doge I still use my friends use we love doge no enough words can explain our love. Rest in peace doge meet ball ball there


Thanks for so many laughs and heart-warming moments :D rest in peace Kabosu. from Panama -Lefty

Lefty Chávez

Dearest doge and kabosu, you were something unfathomable to me when the doge meme first came about. I was in such a dark place, but your bright and cheerful energy radiated into my life like the sun. You brought so much light, warmth, a sense of community, and hope into not only my life, but so many others. You may have been "just a dog" to some, but to me and so many others you were a beacon of Hope. Hope for the future, that things might better one day. That day hasn't come for me just yet despite all this time, but I'm glad that I got to exist at the same time as you kabosu!! You will always be doge and your memory will live on, sweet kabosu!! We all love and miss you!!!! 💜💖💜


Tanto cheems como Doge fueron parte de mi infancia y los conozco casi hace 6 años y su partida fue algo muy malo para mí ya que no me lo esperaba que descansen en paz mis perros favoritos

Dayami Guzmán González

She made millions of people very happy . Such a beautiful dog. You’ll be loved and remembered forever doge ♥️


Mi dolor no lo puedo describir con palabras y Doge nunca lo entenderá, muchos no lo entenderán, solo los que hemos tenido perrito sabemos cómo duele que partan, pero ya estás mejor Kabosu, te imagino rodeada de flores, llena de amor


We will miss you Kabo-chan, thank you for inspiring us <3


We love you kabosu! You’ll live on in our hearts for years to come 😊

A. Morgan

Sweetheart we love you so much. Hard to type or think of the words to say. Thank you sweetie for all the joy laughter and love you’ve given us. Love you honey.


Você foi a precursora de tudo para mim, desde 2013 até agora você foi a grande estrela que fez eu ser quem eu sou agora, espero que esteja ao lado de Balltze que foi outro shiba que mudou minha vida, espero que vocês dois esteja em paz agora. Goodbye Kabosu, you will be never forgoted to me.


Thank you very much for all the good memories. Long live to the queen.

David Cisneros

Thank you for all the smiles and laughter. We will miss you, fly high


Thank you Kabosu for all of the wholesome love and happiness that you sent out into the world: it’s certainly been a hard decade, but despite that you assisted millions to smile. You will be missed.


I love you Kabosu, you always made me and my girlfriend laugh and cheer up with your smile. Hope you’re having fun wherever you are! Sending my blessings.

Willmer O

I remember making memes with Doge, It was really funny to use it in the most of my memes, also Cheems. Now I'm grateful about the fact that he had a good life and that people ahead this project to say the last goodbye to Doge showed us how it lived, also for giving it a good life. Thanks for everything Cheems ¡It was very funny knowing about you!.


rest in peace, kabosu, you were a good girl. i hope you're up there with ball ball.


Te extrañaremos mucho Kabosu (Doge). Descansa campeón. Te llevaremos en el corazón por siempre.

Cervantes C-137

In elementary school, we had to make a treat for a Valentine’s Day event to share with the class. I made fortune cookies with my mom each with little memes on the fortunes inside, Kabosu in many of them as she was my favorite. Thank you for giving me such a childhood, I feel like should try making those cookies again sometime for old time’s sake. Much good, very Doge, such wow, so bork, may she rest in peace, the one and only. 🐕💖


You were the best funny yellow dog. Fair winds and fallow seas Doge.


Rest in Peace Doge




He is already in eternal rest, where he will never suffer or go hungry, my condolences to the family, now they have someone who will take care of them from heaven. 🤍

Dafne Davalos

Thank you for everything. You inspired my love of the shiba inu. Fly high with BallBall and Moja.


Rest in peace Kabosu. Greetings from Argentina.


Ahora estás con cheems, jueguen y sean perritus feli ❤️


thank you kabosu for all the happiness and laughter over the years, you will forever be a legend!


Doge y Cheems dos perritos amarillos que marcaron historia no solo en Internet, también en el corazón de todos nosotros. Ahora están juntos en el cielo. Los amo mucho ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻


We love you so much Kabo-chan 💖💖💖 Your memes and beautiful photos will forever be etched in our hearts. Thank you for the inspiration, your cuteness has brought many smiles to our face and heart. Please run happily up there in the rainbow bridge and play as much as you can with your friends and others up there. 💖💖💖


I fell in love with kabosu when I was in 5th grade, im about to graduate high school and I have always loved this dog ☹️ we will always miss you doge 😔


Kabosu, thank you for making the world happy. We'll see you in heaven.

Kenny Pama

Time to rest girl. We will never forget you

Gabriel Molina

Doge nos diste tantas alegrías, gracias por tanto, sé que encontrarás a Chems y estarán bien en su nuevo viaje. Gracias por hacer de nuestros días algo mejor.

Jesús vite

She always will be in our hearths, en argentina amamos a Kabosu y su memoria quedara presente en los miles de publicaciones hechas desde este lado del mundo!

Nahuel Monzón

I love you Kabosu! The best girl in the world :)


Kabosu gracias por hacer sonreir al mundo. La alegria a cada uno de nosotros por conocerte. Estas presente en nuestros corazones , siempre te vamos a recordar Kabosu,Doge. Siempre en nuestras memorias.


Gracias por todo, Kabosu Te veremos en la eternidad


hi kabosu hope you are resting well. i love you so much and i will always cherish you until the day i die. although you are no longer with us here, i know you will have fun up in the stars ⭐️ much doge much love, doger


Kabosu You gave me many smiles and made my day brighter when I saw you Thank you for changing the world

Cayden Nichols

I remember first seeing Kabosu when I was a 13 year old schoolboy, making memes with friends. It became a culture for us, something we took pride in as "memers". Doge memes have been around for nearly half of my life. As silly as they were, they were a huge part of my childhood. I'm glad to have seen the birth of Doge, and the wonderful life Kabosu has lived. Kabosu will continue to live on through all of us. Thank you Atsuko, and thank you Kabosu.

Rovin Sharma

Rip little angel. Thanks for giving us a memorable legendary story.


thank you kabo chan for bringing such joy into many people's lives, including me. you will be missed 🧡 much love from vietnam


Your memory and impact is eternal, Kabosu! We love you and hope you are happy, illness free, and playing with Cheems and many other friends 🐕 We miss you!

Jill G

Rest in power funny yellow dog


I love you


Para la mejor perrita meme que ha existido, espero descanse en paz, y pueda ser feliz y seguir brillando desde el otro lado. Fuiste, eres y serás, la mejor perrita, y nadie dirá lo contrario, Te amamos Kabosu!


Goodbye Doge♥️

Bartosz and Chichi

RIP to the OG!😩✊ You may be gone but you will certainly never be forgotten, you've cheered me up everytime and all your memes will never be forgotten


wow so goated


My goodness, we’ve lost another one. A great one. Thanks for everything you’ve done for this world, you’ve brought happiness to the world. Farewell Doge, you were the best.

[Private Name]

Long live the queen of softness from Venezuela


I've always loved the memes. They even inspired me to get my first tattoo of the "Swole Doge" when I was getting back in shape. Thank you Kabosu. We'll see you again someday!

Alejandro Hernandez

Rest in peace Doge


I remember stumbling across Kabosu after being familiar with Doge for years. It always filled me with joy seeing her dog mum post updates about how she was doing. Seeing the positivity and love they had for Kabosu really made these past few years wonderful. I know Kabosu was well loved by her family

Julio Garcia-Martinez

Doge always kept me going during the hard times. Rest in Peace to one of the greatest.


🤍🌹Thank you


I'm from India and I came to know about Kabosu only during the COVID lockdown days. I can't put in words how many days and nights I have spent laughing at doge memes. Later I did some digging and found the official social media handles of balltze and Kabosu. And I adored them till the end. 2023 and 2024 were not the best years for Doge and Cheems lovers. But still I believe our beloved friends have accomplished their missions here and they are at peace now. The seeds they sowed will put happiness in our hearts for centuries. Rest in peace my friend! I still can't describe how I wanted to meet you in person atleast once in my life💔. But that didn't happen and it's too late now. I hope we will meet on the other side♥️

Jeyaram J

Thanks for giving me happiness whenever I'm sad. I hope you are happy in heaven alongside with cheems! Thanks for everything our beloved and one and only doge.

Dan amiel

Bark in heaven sweet puppet


We love you❤️


Milaneso (my dog that passed away last november) will truly be your friend in the other side. Send you love my dear Kabu


rip doge you will be in my heart forever


Has ayudado a muchas personas del mundo con tu presencia, has tenido un poder sobre todos a tal punto que todos sufrimos con tu pérdida. Jamás serás olvidada, gracias por todo.

Andres JC

Thank you, Doge You were so MLG swag

Rosie, Tim, Issy and Lewys

Love the doge man I wouldn’t be here without it I thank god for gracing us with its presence it’s hard it’s tough but it’s gone it’s best to enjoy the times we had with it yk it used to be my dream to smday meet her didn’t happen but at least she existed and I’m glad, thank the doge mourn the doge I’m glad it was there for the time it was.


I first heard about doge in 2014, i was in school and I've followed parody meme account's that make happy stories with doge and cheems in it, and it was unfortunate to hear about cheems and doge in such a short span apart but long live doge and cheems.

Guy goodine

Will miss you forever Doge 🐶

Kanakala Narayana Rao

I loved kabuso and I’m glad she brought happiness to my life at my darkest times. I’m sorry for you loss but I know she’ll be in the memories of everyone ❤️


Thank you Kabosu, for all. We will remember you. We love you <3. Rest in peace.


Om Shanti Chimtu.. Thanks for being there in my toughest times, Always on my mind.. Adiós


Dear Kabosu, your image was in my laptop screen every day, so whenever I had a difficult day at the office I'd see you, smiled and felt better. You made many of my days better, thank you so much for sharing your life and love with all of the world. I visited your monument last March, I was so happy to be there. You will always be in my heart, dear Doge. Sending hugs and lots of love to your lovely family. <3

Laura C

thank you so much kabosu even as a meme, you have impacted my life in some way.

Jordan Kearney

In loving memory of Kabosu, I had loved the meme Doge when I was a little kid. And I check my phone and see the meme I had loved with my heart passed away. I am so sorry for the family of Kabosu, I know it hits very hard, but know Kabosu will always be there for you.


I remember the first time I saw you, love at first sight! Since then, you became my favorite meme, my Doge ❤️ you are now in heaven my darling, I will miss you forever ❤️


Kabosu was the cultural icon we didn’t realize we needed. She will forever live on through the internet, as Doge memes continue to get made every day. May Kabosu rest in peace. ❤️

Dylan V.

See you in the another side, always remember you as a hero thank you for everything the Doge


Gone but never forgotten, DOGE will live on. Thanks for everything, rest in peace sweet princess Kabosu <3


thank you buddy for making me laugh during my bad time. rest well n good

Pushp Raj

I'm Sheila from Argentina and I'm 26. Doge was my favorite meme when I was a teenager. Facebook was full of Doge memes. His pretty face in that famous photo traveled around the world giving us many smiles and fun. always in our hearts and memories little angel 😇

Sheila Paoluzzi

Kabosu, you did my days better and Will continue doing! I love you só much! Kisses from Brazil ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Much sad Very condolences Wow


Rest in peace, our beloved. Men will remember you and the joy you brought to us always as long as the Internet sustains.


Dear Kabosu, you and the Doge community have been bringing me so much wow, hapiness, love and memories. You taught me how powerful a simple smile can be, and how wonderful it is to share these pure joy. I believe in the DOGE spirit. I was so so lucky to be able to join the Doge Pilgrimage to meet you & your lovely family & the community. Thank you for everything. Kabo-chan you will live in our heart forever. Doge is love❤️ Much love.


Thank you for bring us joy to our hearts and being with us in easy or difficult times, one way or another. You'll be always missed and remembered. So loved Such Doge

Planeta Philip

Good bye and thanks for all the memes you've inspired and your everyday cute doggie antics. You deserve all the treats and snoot boops for all eternity. Doge forever.


The dog that got his self famous will never be forgotten, He will be in every single one’s heart. You’ll be looking after us in heaven, but we will never forget the dog that he got himself famous as known as Doge


En México amamos a kobosu nos trajo alegría y risas con su meme junto con cheems y deseamos que este en el cielo de los perros esperando a sus dueños feliz y juguetona. Gracias por las risas

Gis de Colores

We always love you Doge, Thanks for making the world happy! From Brazil 🇧🇷


Sleep well sweet angel, thanks for the memories through the years and I hope you have many balls to play in puppies heaven❤️ I love you forever Kabo chan


I will always love you, I will always remember you, I will never forget you ❤️

Sebastian Torres C

She looked like such a good and sweet doggie <3 Love from Spain


Thank you Doge. Rest in peace

Krzysztof Domka

Kabosu was a dog that had a huge impact on internet culture and the lives of her owners. We will all deeply miss her.


Good bye Kabosu, seeing your face across the internet brought a smile to my face. You will be missed…

A De Leon

So much love from India. Me and my boyfriend shared only Doge memes in memory of Kabuso on the day he crossed the rainbow bridge. We love sharing Doge stickers on a everyday basis and I know we'll share it till the end of time 🌈💖


Thank you for all the good times and laughter you have caused us. You were and will always be beautiful Kabosu, now you enjoy full health in heaven. I love you from Spain ❤️🇪🇸


Kabosu was responsible for parts of what was such a fun childhood for me growing up, the memories & the nostalgia i’ll always keep with me that are connected to her will always be with me. May your journey across the Rainbow Bridge be glorious, Kabosu.


When I was young I was so amazed by Kabosu photo and it became my profile picture on every single platform. Thru years I thought it was one of the funniest photos on the internet so when news of her dying broke, I cried.


May the funny be with you and the love stay within us. God will bless you funny yellow dog , may we reunite one day and enjoy the funny yellow together.


Kabosu-chan, you were a shining light of happiness and fluff for both your mom, and all of us here on the internet. You helped a lot of shibas find their own loving mamas by bringing attention to the breed across the world. You did so much good every day. Rest in peace, sweet baby pup. 🌈❤️


Farewell, Kabosu! Thanks for all the laughter and joy you brought to my life with your cute face and your wiggling tail. For me, you were more than a meme. Now you can run freely in heaven, waiting for us to join you as well someday. You'll always be a light in the lives of the ones who got the pleasure to follow you. To the Dogemama: thanks is not enough to express how grateful I am for you. Thanks for providing Kabosu a wonderful life, fulfilled with lots of love. Thanks for taking care of her until her last breath. Nobody could have been a better mom for her than you! My heart goes with you in this time, sending you lots of love. Long life Doge! 🐾✨

Rebeca Wright

Hey doge (kabosu) you are so loved forever,have a peaceful sleep love . You gave immense happiness with ur presence and still you continue to give it. Thank you 💐❤️ have a good sleep doge


forever in our hearts. Across the bridge many friends are waiting for you including my Saki ❤️

Laura M

She truly left a mark on all of us, and it was thanks to her that I discovered the amazing world of Shiba Inu, and I adopted my babie shiba inu. Kabosu will be deeply missed by everyone who loved her. I like to think she's having a great time in animal paradise now, playing with all the other pets who made us laugh and brought happiness into our lives. Her memory will always hold a special place in our hearts. Sending you all my condolences and warm thoughts. ( Sorry for my English I am from France, Paris) 🤍

Lina ( @tsuki_et_neko)

The memes always go through phases and their uses always change. But no matter what Kabosus "doge" meme always kept pace, and even at times was always ahead of the pack. RIP beautiful meme queen legend, your images always brought a laugh and a smile during good and bad times. Though you may be physically gone from this earth, your legacy and imprint on the billions using the internet shall always remain.


Querido doge!, fuiste un gran apoyo durante la pandemia, nos diste grandes momentos,aunque ya no estés aquí , vivirás por siempre a través de tus memes, RIP kabosu ❤️🥹

Zora G. MX

You will be a living memory for the years to come. A landmark for wholesomeness in a world that needs more love. Safe travels 🙌

Javier Campos

Doge memes used to make me laugh a lot for no reason whatsoever for a long time, and i didnt know who the dog was, and now that i found her shes passed away :[ R.I.P Doge, you will be missed


Installed Dogeweather, mined Dogecoin, bought Dogecoin, even got a Dogecoin here as a coin, Doge has been a part of my life since the meme's inception, and will be in the future, as she'll always be present in our lives.


I will remember you forever, Kabosu, you've changed my life and made it better. I will miss you, Doge.

Milan T.

I love the Doge meme as muxh as I love Kabuso. Thank you for inspiring me to laugh, and all of the people behind all the memes they made using your image thinks the same, I am sure. We love you, God Bless You.


Mi más sentido pésame. Que en paz descanse Doge qué nos dio años de felicidad con sus memes 🥹💜


Kabosu will always be a source of happiness to me. Much love, much wow, very doge


The universe was aligned perfectly on the day Kabosu came to Atsuko's home. Through love and grace Atsuko shared Kabosu with all of us. Kabosu's intelligence, charm and humor won the world's hearts. She had that bright light that shined her beautiful spirit. Kabosu taught us to Do Only Good Everyday, to love, respect and trust each other. Something no human could ever teach us. I will always love and cherish Kabosu. She will live forever in my heart and soul. ♥ 🙏


Thank you for your life, Kabosu. You can now play with Cheems in doggo heaven! ❤️


Your memory and your legacy lives on furever Rest in Peace Kabuso 🙏🌈


Rest well dear Kabosu, you've been a good Doge and inspired many out there.

D. Yap

かぼちゃん will forever have a place in my heart with how much love she and her lovely mama spread around the world. I'm happy she got as many years as she did, surrounded always by people who cared for and cherished her deeply. May you chase rainbows forever and some day meet again with all your loved ones left behind. お休み、かぼちゃん ❤️🌈


A Kabosu-chan trouxe tanta alegria para a vida de todos e especialmente para a minha, viveu uma vida longa e feliz, cercada de amor! Se o meme do doge não tivesse cruzado meu caminho, hoje eu não teria a minha própria cachorrinha shiba, a Yuki. Descanse em paz, Kabosu-chan ❤️

Nicole Figueiredo de Azevedo

wow. good girl. much good girl. so loved. much loved. My condolences from Brazil <3


Rest in peace Kabosu Thank you for all Doge I will be spreading your spirit


Kabo-chan was my first step into loving Shiba Inu as a whole paw community and has influenced a lot in my life to make it part of my happiness. Thank you so much Kabosu and we'll see you again in the lavender fields

William Alfaro

I just want to say thank you Kabo-chan, unfortunately I never met you since I live on the opposite side of the world but I'm sure you were the best girl ever, I know you brought your family many happy moments and you even managed to change the internet forever! Such a feat for a puppy! Rest in peace now Kabosu, you will never be forgotten. 💛💛💛 Much love from Italy 🇮🇹🇯🇵


Thank you doge for being by my side for all these years. Much love, such joy

Louis N

Kabosu, un simple símbolo pero que traía una alegría enorme cada vez que tenia un mal día, junto a los demás perros shibas Es difícil de explicar pero saber que ya no estas aquí me genera mucha tristeza pero también felicidad que ya no tienes dolor, gracias Doge

Daniel Zuniga

She'll never be forgotten ❤️ Thanks for being the best part of the internet. We will always love you! R.I.P.

Lucas Cardoso

Farewell cutie, so sad you have left us. Rest in peace Doge and sorry for your loss Doge's mom. We love you 🌈😇😭❤️


I love you, Kabosu, rest in peace. You are a meme legend indeed, and you will live forever in my heart. I still remember how I first joined Discord for that one Doge Land server. I will cherish every meme of you because all of those memes made me smile and ecstatic. You will never be replaced as Doge, but an inspiration to more Shiba owners. Be happy wherever you are, Kabosu. I will miss you so much. 🥺💛

Eldelyn Cardenas

You’ll always remain alive in our hearts and stickers! 🩷

Harshvardhini Dhoot

I’ve never really known her real name, for me it was always Doge. But since 2013, I’ve always loved seeing Doge memes, and seeing her cute face. People have done many funny and nice stories with Doge, it’s great to see the inspiration she gave to everyone. Then came Cheems, and I loved it aswell. Doge and Cheems are a reason of why I got my own Shiba, not because of the internet popularity, but because of the inspiration those 2 dogs gave to people. His name is Dusk, I love him and miss him so much. Everytime I walk him in the street, people say « he looks like a fox! » and it makes me smile. The passing of Kabosu made me confirm the fact that our dogs are not just pets that we love. They are inspirational friends full of fur and we have to cherish every single moment with them, because they may be here for a part of our life, but we are their entire life to them. Rest in peace Kabosu, I will do my best to Do Only Good Everyday.


Muchas gracias Doge por tantas memorias y sonrisas, recuerdo mucho mi infancia con estos primeros memes. Se que no es facil decir adiós porque mas que un meme o una mascota, eras parte de una familia. Muchas gracias por todo Kabosu, te amamos

Lupita RodriguezG



Kabosu, thank you for making my childhood such memorable. May you have unlimited play over the rainbow bridge ❤

Daniel G.

Love you always Doge-chan 😍


I remember seeing Doges face in MGL videos many years ago. It brought me joy when seeing her in pictures or in a gif, as it reminded me of my own dog. I will never forget her legacy in the internet, and in my life.

Armando Chavez

Hey doge thanks for making this world a better place by your presence n deeds we love you wherever you are please be happy n remeber that you have changed lives of so many thanks for making us all happy we will forever miss you I always wanted to meet you but I couldn't as I say in India hope someday we could meet you are so cute I had a similar looking dog like you.❤️

Khushi Shaikh

Kabosu lived a long and happy life, the fact that she was able to last for as long as she did is a testament to how good of care her owners were able to give her throughout all the years. She got to see herself get her own statue her own holiday and have people who cared and adored her come together from all over the world through all the memes she inspired Take solace in knowing that although she may be gone she will not be forgotten and continue to live on through the countless memes that will continue to be made of her. Thanks for the memories funny yellow doge, say hello to Grumpy cat / Cheems and Moja for me 🥲💙


Thank you for everything you brought us, in terms of joy, and memes created with you. We will miss you, but enjoy the eternal peace up there 🕊️


I love Kabuso! I will always remember to Do Only Good Everyday.

Michelle Nino

Much happy In heaven Yes


Rest In Peace Fluffball 🕊️ You are the founder of nowadays memes and will never be forgotten ❤️

P. Luca

Definitely made my childhood memories... I remember wondering why all these goofy faces were almost on everything til I found out about the loving and goofy, Kabosu "Aka Doge. " While giggling to myself. I hope the bestest gurl is resting peacefully...😇 Everyone will forever miss you..

Jessica Galea

Querida Doge, siempre estarás en mi corazón, te recordaré por todo lo bueno que trajiste a mi vida y todas las risas que me sacaste. I love you forever Kabo 🕊️🖤

Jennifer Lara

In loving memory of Kabosu, the doge who smiled upon the world: Your playful gaze and spirited charm brought joy and laughter, as a meme took flight. In pixels and posts, your legacy lives on. A faithful friend, forever in our digital dawn. Rest in peace, dear Kabo-chan. Your spirit continues to bring smiles to faces all around the globe, as vibrant and enduring as the memes you inspired.


Well its quite a long story! So where do i start, so when i was younger I saw doge and I fell in love with the meme becasue I was opsessed with dogs when I was younger. Roblox, a platform for making games, was known for making accessories themed after memes, and one of them was the doge head! That was my dream item! Then 3 years ago, I finally got my 1st robux and i spent 250 robux on the doge head! That button there changed my life forever. A month later me and a few of my "doge" friends started the so called "Doge Kingdom", i was a developer for the kingdom. So after the kingdom fell a year later i started working as a developer and I created a group for a developer team of me and my friend. The name I went with is DaDogeDevelopers. So yeah the name DaDogeDev stuck with me for 3 years now and I think it will be forever. Thank you Doge for all of this, without you, there wont be the Doge Kingdom, DaDogeDevelopers nor DaDogeDev


Soar across the Heavens with the Cosmos Troupe now, precious beautiful cute Kabosu ! Your Star will brighten the Skies forevermore, shining down your neverending rays of Love, Happiness and positive Energy on all of us, for all eternities ! Sail On, my dear friend.. I will never forget you 🙌🌸🦊🌈🌌☯💔

Matt Yanzen

Thanks, cya later




Doge put a smile on my face every time I saw the meme or the original photos. I'm sure it will never die because it's alive in our hearts


Kabosu you have no idea how many smiles and laughs you have spread across the world. You were indeed the goodest dog and made this world a better place. Hope you find all your favourite treats and toys in doggie heaven.


Staym Blemssed amlways💕

Aditya Kumar Singh

You've been an important part of my internet history (and my life history as well) Kabosu. I will always cherish the moments your pictures brightened my days whenever I was scrolling through Instagram, and tho I'm saddened and heartbroken in many ways by your parting, I know you lived the best live you could ever had an for that I'm happy. Thank you, Atsuko for taking such good care and tender to this wonderful and majestical lady. See you soon on the stars Kabosu!


I love you so much 💖😘 Hope you are happy where ever you are. You were loved a lot and will be loved always 💞

Nayana Gowda

My heart is full of love and happiness thanks to the chance I had to get to know about kabosu Chan life

Sagui chan

Thank you for sharing your good memories with us. I've known you through 9gag around 2011, and had been following you since. You lived a long and happy life. Run free, Kabosu! 💕

Kyle Avellano

God bless you little Kabosu, bring joy over the rainbow bridge just like you did in our world. Love you.

Giuseppe Positano

kabosu, i’m so lucky to be in the same lifetime as you are! be happy and be free there across the rainbow bridge 🫶🏼 we love youuu!


Thanks to you and ur family, u were and u still the greatest meme (and dog ❤️).


thank you doge


Huhu thanks Kabosu doge for the memories.

Jonathan Lignes

She was a very good meme


My sweet Angel doggie I hope you’re resting very well up there and playing with Ball Ball, :,( so sad we lost a legend, a dog who gave us a lot of smiles and good times, I love you so much and it fills me of happiness that you’re resting to don’t suffer anymore. You’ll always be in our hearts, we love you so much, and I’ll always remember you:,3 🐾🥹💛 the best Shiba Inu



Juanfran Carrasco

Fuiste parte de la gran generación y base de internet durante los últimos 15 años, gracias por formar parte de la memoria de todos nosotros 🫶❤️

Saul Ramos

rest in peace doge


Thank you for all the memes and good laught. You will be always in our hearts. So much love from Poland


I own a shiba myself and the love and joy that Kabosu has brought to us will forever be remembered and cherished. I wish the family all the strength to get through this hard time 💞


Thank you doge for bringing us much joy during stressful schooling days in Hong Kong!


Hi kabosu,I wanted to thank you for everything, I watched your memes when I was not feeling well and you always gave me a smile, I also want to thank you because you inspired me to bring home my sweet little baby, Yoshi, he’s a Shiba Inu like you. Rest in peace Kabosu, you will be in our hearts forever and we will never forget you❤️


Run free through the rainbow bridge with energy kabosu ❤️ say hi to balltze and my dogs for me. ❤️🕊️


Kabosu may be gone, but her impact will live on forever. Rest easy doge, you made the world a brighter place.


Thanks for being there through light and dark to bring a smile to my face. You will always be the best girl and the greatest meme dog ever.


Rest easy dear Kabosu. U will be missed


Since i met Doge meme in 2013 she was my favorite dog until today The Do Only Good Everyday helped me trough the depression back then and i'll be thankful with Kabo Chan for the rest of my life. Thank you for being my reason to be alive <3


You cheer me up on difficult times. Will surely miss you doge. your name lives on. We will never forgot you. Thanks for all the laughter and memes through the years. Such sadness, much pain. I hope you play with cheems in the goodbois heaven


Rest in power, find love and peace in heaven… arigato gozaimasu 🙏🙏🙏🙏


Kabosu/Doge, You were the beacon of light to a person that used to be bitter, and definitely not in the right headspace, and as luck should have it, I saw the infamous pic of you that would later reaffirm my love for shiba inus. May you and Balltze/Cheems watch over me - much love to you and your family for taking such good care of you and reminding me that my family has always been doing good everyday, for our dogs then and now and beyond. I miss you, you silly doggo.


Doge was one of my favourite memes during my childhood, watching her through many social media and always smiling with her curious face. Nowadays I'm 19, when I realised of her departure it beat me so hard in my heart, bringing old memories and nowadays, I just wanna thank her and her owner, Doge left a mark in my inner child and now I have to say to her goodbye;') Rest in peace, sweetheart

Walther Adrian

Thanks 4 all Kabosu


悲しい時や辛い時、かぼちゃんとかぼすままの投稿やミームに支えられてきました それはこれからもずっとそうだと思います かぼちゃん、私の人生にたくさんの笑顔をありがとうございました またね、かぼちゃん!


Doge is gone, it's a sad day, as my past goes by, I hope the future becomes better for all. I love you doge hopefully I will meet you when the time comes.


Thank you Doge, thank you Kabosu♥️


カボちゃんへ あなたが幸せを運んでくれたのは、ただあなたの飼い主だけでなく、世界中の皆にもです。あなたのかわいい顔とチャーミングな姿は、多くの人々にインスピレーションを与えました。あなたは最高の犬でした。いつか日本に行ったら、必ずあなたの巡礼地に立ち寄ります。生前にお会いすることはできませんでしたが、あなたを愛していますし、あなたを知るすべての人に愛されています。虹の橋の上で友達と一緒に走り回って楽しんでください。ママのことは心配しないでください、彼女は大丈夫です。私たちの時間が来たら、どうか天国で待っていてください。カボちゃん、あなたの人生に感謝します。フィリピンから虹の橋まで、そしてまた戻ってくるまで、あなたを愛しています。


I remember when i was a kid seeing doge all around internet, the captions always made me smile. Only some years ago i found her real instagram and from there i kept following her journey. She was a big part of my early teenage years and I’ll never forget her positive impact. Go run in grass planes Kabosu, we and i will always cherish the Doge


Thank you for all the good times and all the laughs, Kabosu, you were the best girl ever and will remain a cultural icon forever. Rest in peace, Queen, see you on the other side.

Oscar López

Kabosu wherever you're in right now, Always stay happy and blessed and Miss you Kabosu ❤

Radha Das

Thank you for making us laugh Kabosu. I cannot imagine going through the beginning of my adulthood without you. I met so many nice funny people because of you. Run free our Queen. You have completed your mission. We love you.

Marissa H

I loved them… Kabosu was my inspiration Kabosu was my favorite meme.. And we lost Kabosu. Rest in peace Kabosu😭

A kid in Türkiye

Thank you Kabosu for all the positivity you have given us. You will never be forgotten even if years pass by. The world is indeed fortunate to have had you here and I hope you are in a happier place now. We love you Kabosu <3


Hello boy, we'll see you in heaven ❤️❤️


Te extrañaremos

Juan Carlos Simón

Fly high Kabosu, send My regards to Cheems and i hope You two play forever in dog's heaven.

José González

God I miss this dog who much. Rip the og shibas, we will miss you lads a lot. Буду скучать по лучшей собаке


Thank you for all the laughs and joy through the years. It brings us comfort to see your pictures in the calendar we got from you. RIP Kabosu, much love, always.

Marcy “bear” & Elisa

Rest in peace beautiful ♥️


wow such life so wonder


Such legend, very memories, many happyness wow, doge


Thank you for everything doge.. U have made a great impact on my life and i will never forget that. Thank you 🙏 Rest in peace you deserve it ❤️


You've been with me throughout my internet journey, funny yellow doge. We love you so much ♥️♥️♥️

Neil Francis Bañares

Shine bright like a Diamond in the Sky Doge <3


Dear Kabosu, you are an icon but also a symbol of the love of dogs to all humans, you made the whole world your family and left a legacy of joy, hope, happiness and love. Thanks for everything, sweet friend.


It's was a lovely long day when we had you in it.


No existen palabras para poder expresar lo que siento, nunca pensé que llegaría este momento, nunca no hemos preparado para perder a las personas, mucho menos para perder a nuestros amigos caninos que forman parte de nuestra familia, R.I.P y muchas gracias por hacernos tan felices, que dios te tenga en su gloria y en un lugar lleno de paz y mucho amor ❤️.

José Isaac García De Gante

Rest in Peace Kabosu


Love you 🥺 Good bye!

Aritra Brahma

In hard moments of my life Doge and Cheems made me laugh, its incredible how a simple photo of a cute dog in the other side of the world can impact change for a moment the sadness in happines. Rest in peace Doge... Here in Mexico you are very loved and you will always live in our hearts.

Fernando Constantino López

say hi to pepper for me


Thank u for all the funny moments Kabosu <3, now you and Cheems are together having fun.

Pedro R

Kabosu brought joy and happiness to millions with just a look. She shall be missed. Thank you kabosu


Kabosu will always have a special place in my heart, it was always great to see her in a silly little image. Rest in Peace


Thanks for all the joy you brought to the world, Kabosu, we’ll miss you


Pieseł, dziękujemy za stworzenie "pieseła", uszanowanka tak wiele! Biegaj po niebiańskich chmurkach z radością. Doge na zawsze. Wow.

Aga B.

Thank You for everything, hope we meet someday.


My story starts in 2013, when I found Doge meme on the internet. I was 9 y.o. and I was choosing my first nickname. Then I tried to be kyuremazul_doge. I don't even know what it means, but I had a chic Minecraft skin xd. Then I've change my nickname to KepkaDog. Kepka is the cap on my language, my favorite type of headdress. Kabosu's picture is my profile pic in Steam from 2014 and I wouldn't change it forever. In 2015 I've playing CSGO and there was one guy in my team with Doge profile Pic. Nowadays we are keep chatting, only because of Doge profile pic. Doge is my favorite meme, favorite dog. I would love her forever. Kabosi wasn't good. She was the best. Doge has greatly influenced my life. And I want to say Thank you. I love you, Doge. I've even tried to buy Dogecoin in 2017, but I was too young and I couldn't buy it. So, Kabosu, shine bright, little star. Farewell, my old friend...

KepkaDog aka Lissiah

Kabosu may rest with the stars now, but she is not gone. Doge's spirit resides within us all. Always remember how her story started: with a kind gesture, one that saved her little life. Show kindness to everyone, even if they don't seem like they deserve it. A little kindness is all everybody needs.


Doge, I love you so much. You became my entire online personality. You have been a great girl. Thank you for being here, and now reign the heaven.


謝謝你,傳奇迷因狗 Kabosu Thank you,meme legend dog

Scott Ouyang

Thank for being the perfect meme of all time. Kabosu will live forever in our memories.

Ralph Yeung



Thank you for everything, kabosu.


Literally miss him so much He was the one who helped me a lot in my worst pandemic days I just miss him so much may he rest in peace wherever he's Love him so much


We love u doge 🥺


Kabo-chan, during 2010-2013, I’ve faced many life events that turn my spirit and energy down. I’ve face loneliness and depression after my dear friend in college killed himself. I always refuse to face the outside world cause my heart feels empty. I always spent my time alone in my bedroom browsing 9gag, and creating my own laugh and happiness through it. I stumbled onto your legendary photos and love it from the beginning. Then i started to go into reddit and found your blog. Since then, reading your blog has become my daily activity. I’m just gonna say, thank you so much for the laugh and memories, you are loved by many. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for becoming my source of happiness. I love you, Kabo-chan. Rest easy. You will be forever in my memories.


Rest in peace, Doge. Thank you for spreading happiness, joy and fun through you beautiful being. Love you forever.

Patricia Oliva

Doge was the goodest girl, The world shall never forget Doge o7


I love you kabosu and cheems🧀 be happy in heaven thank you so much for making me happy everyday i will never forget you kabosu and cheems ♡♡♡🐶🪽

Pia ♡

Thank you Kabosy, Doge for all of us, I had a shirt with your angelical face on it, say hi to Cheems, to my beloved Gofin, Ranger and all those dogs that left this world to become bright stars, love u, thanks for the smiles

Eduardo Rugama from Nicaragua

may you be able to stare at people in the same way at heaven


You were the best doge <3


Thank you.

Omar Contreras

Kabosu changed my life, when I first started seeing the memes around the internet I was in a very dark place but this Shiba Inu that I saw through a screen changed my way of life and my mindset, I will forever remember both kabosu and balltze both Shiba Inu’s have made a huge impact on me and it’s something I refuse to forget, even now that our little friends are not with us anymore they will forever be with me in my heart.


We will miss you Kabosu.

Cristian Talero

i will miss you:(( , ur one of my happy pill


Kabo chan made me happy everytime i see her. I consider her as a big part of my recovery after i planned to do suicide. Thank you kabosu chan for helping me heal! m(_ _)m

Masaharu John Ito

An iconic piece of history has passed away. She leaves behind a legacy and smiles. Thank you for being an amazing doge. Rest in peace the internet will never forget you

J. Hueramo

Kabochan is perhaps the single dog that touched the most hearts in all of history. May her legacy live on forever


Pequeña Doge, luchaste muchos años y te felicito. Ahora descansas luego de una larga vida. Tus tiernos ojos siempre serán recomendados y también permanece la admiración por tanto cariño de tu familia. Fuiste una cachorrita muy querida, no solo en casa, sino en el mundo y espero que tú espíritu de nobleza permanezca en todos a los que nos tocaste el corazón.

Bere Murasaki

Thanks for dogecoin


I love you DOGE

nikki huang

Sweetest doge ever. Saw lot of memes, made me laugh. One of my favourite genre. I still uses her stickers in conversation. Her memes and faces helps me express my emotions. Rest in peace sweetheart.


Ahora que eres una gran estrella en el cielo haz que la felicidad brille para todos y alcance a todo aquel que con el día a día lleva de la pena en su corazón y haz siempre una sonrisa en todo aquel que lo necesite Saludos desde México y un fuerte para Atsuko y su familia en este momento difícil Mario Manuel Rueda y Familia


Doge was most loved domgy,i will miss her, rest in peace sweetheart 💝 🫶🏻thank you for giving us so many memories.


One thing that made Kabosu irreplaceable was how she kept herself pure. I wonder if she knew her fame worldwide, but she lived normally, out of those flashlight. She was generous, she shared only love to everyone she met in real life. And her love reached people elsewhere, thanks to the Internet. I dropped my tears when I read her sad backstory, and I drooped it again when I learned that God called her in the warmest way: in her sleep under her mama's care 🥲 Thank you for your love, Kabosu. See you later 🌈


I'm so sorry for Kabo-chan's passing. It'll be alive through many memes that people created with that famous picture. Rest In Peace

Nicolas M.

Dear Kabosu, thank You for all the memory you made. Rest In Piece .🙏🏻

Nathanael Simbolon

Fly high Kabosu! You were the first meme introduced to me by the internet, and yet you still live on today, both on the internet as one of, if not the greatest meme to exist, but in our hearts as well. May your legacy last, and we'll see you on the other side. Rest In Peace, legend!


we miss u immensely..but you will always be the same as balltze..the laugh & happiness u brought us can't be like anything..Thanks for all the thisgs u gave us.Rest in peace love..🤍

Pallabi Ghosh

Thank you Doge! Your face always brought a smile to my face! May you rest in peace! Love from Texas

Mario Ramos

Kabosu, let's celebrate the happiness and smiles she spread across the globe. Rest in peace, Kabosu—you will always be a legend in the hearts of many


Domgee miss you


Gracias por alegrarnos la vida 🤍 descansa en paz princesa Kabosu- Guatemala 🇬🇹

Guisselle Monterroso

We miss you

Manish Sarkar

We love you funny yellow dog, you will be dearly missed <3 thank you for brightening our lives


Farewell funny yellow dog.


My condolences 💐 Thank you for bringing joy to the entire world. May you be living freely in somewhere without pain and illness❤️❤️❤️


legendary meme.....we love you 🙂‍↕️


Kabosu-chan in the Doge meme is so expressive and funny. Seeing the picture makes you go "what's the dog thinking about?" Thanks for giving us all a laugh and a smile these past years.


You were such a big part in many people’s lives, you’re a legend never to be forgotten, rest in peace legend 😇

Ryan Zhou

Farewell Kabosu my favorite meme and dog you were and always will be the cutest dog ive ever seen you will always have a special space in my heart


Thank you for bringing smiles to those in their darkest times. Enjoy your time on the other side of the rainbow bridge, the other doggo legends are already there to welcome you.


Mi bella Kabosu siempre estarás en nuestros corazones, eres una leyenda y ahora podrás reunirte con Balltze/Cheems y ser eternos. Gracias por tanta alegría que nos brindaste, tu legado vivirá por siempre! 🐕💗💗💗

Smith Daisy

Thank you for the years of happiness and joy! You remind me of good laughs with good friends. I love you doge.


Thanks for all great Moments, rest in peace, i pray for your soul, goodbye dear friend


🌸 thank you for making our life joulyful with your memes. Living your best life as a internet sensation and happy dog ❤️. Hope you are doing fine in heaven with all other friends. Gonna miss your daily updates and beautiful simple💗. Rest well💗💗


Thank you for being one of the reasons i have the derpy personality i have now! ❤️ an end of an era, but only the beginning of a legend. Thank you dogemama for taking such good care of this good girl, my condolences 💐

Jihan Ortega

Kabosu and the Doge meme has gave us so much happiness and joy to me and my girlfriend since a long time ago, thanks to Atsuko and his Doge for everything ❤️

John Lobos



Doge was the first meme I've ever saw and it's been a huge part of my life and who I am as a person. Thank you Kabosu. ❤️

Nam Anh Nguyen

Janym (it means “my soul” in Kazakh) Kabosu, you brought me a lot of joy and happiness. Words can’t express how grateful I am. Rest in peace, dear. To her owner: thank you so very much for sharing Kabosu’s life with us, gifting her pure little soul to this sad world. Take care 🤍


Querida Kabosu, fuiste luz y una buena amiga, de las mejores diría yo. Ahora retornas a las estrellas, siendo brillo eterno para todos quienes te conocimos y te amamos. Gracias por tu existencia maravillosa, cuídanos desde el cielo junto a tu amigo el amado Balltze Cheems. Te llevaremos en el corazón y en la mente tratando de ser siempre buenas personas para honrar tu memoria. Hasta siempre hermosa Doge :3 <3

catherine florez

Let's play happily with Balltze in heaven forever🌈


Kabosu, you lived such a long and fulfilling life. You have touched my heart and so many others. I can't help but feel a little empty; for a long time friend has passed. Your legacy will never die; and you will always be here in spirit. Thank you, for all these good times. Rest easy, my friend. 💙 :)

Alex S.

I grew up with the Internet so consequently, I grew up with Dogememes plastered all over my pc and game chats. Even my steam username was based on Doge. Kabosu had such a profound impact on my development as a person growing up. The memes that spun out of her from the early 2000s and once again in 2020 when everything locked down had kept me in company through a period of hardship and isolation. I miss Kabosu but I understand all good things must come to an end. For that, I want to thank you for being such an icon and thank her caretakers for doing such an amazing job at caring and loving her. Farewell!

Hung Nguyen

Thank you Doge for being a big part of me getting into memes and loving animals. Much wow, much bye friend.


I love you Kabosu you inspired me and the meme you became made me who I am nowadays. Thank you so much, I will always remember you. I love you


9 years ago I found out about Kabosu as a meme, she has genuinly brought me joy and happiness with that clueless cute stare. It's been a long way, I'm thankful to her owner she was given a good life, may she rest in peace and be in our hearts forever. ❤️‍🩹


The greatest meme in history, the best dog.


Kabosu I found your memes online back in 2014 a very sad time in my life I went through a bad break up and your memes brightened my day every time I saw them you became a big part in my life then in 2020 my baby doggo Mia past on my birthday of a brain tumor it is something that still to this day has me broken I hope you two find each other in heaven and become friends I love you kabosu forever

Michael Favata

Such legend, sad passing. Wow. You will be remembered! ❤️


You are a beautiful doggg kabosu❤️❤️❤️❤️ i love you forever and ever i miss u so muchhhhhh❤️


More than a meme, Kabosu Doge was a real presence in our Life. Thank you for bringing us fun and sunrise in this heavy world. Now i will see you over the rainbow, playing Forever with Cheems ♥️🌈

Mirko Iaia

Por siempre en nuestros corazones, y en internet 🛜, futuras generaciones verán y conocerán la huella que dejó en este mundo, hasta siempre lomito suave. R.I.P.

Carlos López

Gracias Kabosu por hacer mis días felices con tus memes. Se que estas en un mejor lugar y se que tu dueña te hizo la perrita más feliz.

Rafael Guzman

Known this meme for years, i always liked this dog but now this dog is in a better place, rest in peace lil doge, you will be and always be the internet's and the world's favorite dog❤️🐶


You change everything, I will miss your photos sweet Doge. From Guatemala


Rest in peace knowing you had an incredible and positive effect on the world, bringing happiness to many and Joy to all.

Sander A. 6600

El primer meme de perritos que vi en internet, no supe de tu existencia hasta mucho tiempo después, y ahora estás en las estrellas junto a otros perritos que marcaron historia Gran legado dejaste Doge, siempre en nuestros corazones ❤️

Atiel Antonio Gil Ruiz

Absolute legend. Thanks to Doge I became interested in shiba inu dogs and now I have my own doge sleeping right next to me. Your legacy will last forever. Thanks Kabosu from Chile.

Artyom & lorenzo

We all had a beautiful journey with him and I know Kabosu is in Heaven and now no more with us but yeah don't cry as Kabosu will never be happy Seeing his Fans crying for him. May his Soul Rest in Peace 🙏🏻 Love and Greetings from India 🇮🇳 WE LOVE YOU KABOSU YOU'RE UNFORGETTABLE!!

Akash Das

querida kabosu, debo decir que fuiste mayor que yo jajaja, yo nací en el 2006, conocí tu meme mucho más después, pero siempre me entro la duda de saber quien eras, investigue y encontré tu página de instagram, le daba like a todas tus publicaciones y me encantaba ver lo feliz que fuiste, tus fotos siempre alegraban mi día, me alegra mucho que la mayoría de personas pudieron conocerte y ver tu carita preciosa, créeme que nunca serás olvidada y me alegra saber de que fuiste amada por todo el mundo, incluyéndome 💖 descansa en paz perrita preciosa kabosu, tu legado será para siempre. Y mis más sinceras condolencias a sus dueños, gracias por darle una vida tan maravillosa y cuidarla, que todo les salga bien en su vida y espero puedan superar esta pérdida y recordar a la querida kabosu con mucho amor, besos y abrazos desde guatemala. 💖


Such Love many wow's


Thank you for much for the memories Doge! Doge is the reason why I wanted a Shiba Inu back in 2014. Rest in peace Kabu-chan, I will miss you dearly.

Manith Sequeira

Kabosu did her job on earth for sure, she make all the entire world forgot their problemas smilling some time. We all thank you Kabosu and your parents, I know that now Kabosu is on God's arms playing a lot, I know that!


Thanks for being the best dog and meme, you're were beyond of what I good boy means. Rest in peace.


Kabosu is more than „just“ a Shiba. She is like a symbol for everything good the Internet has to offer. She brought so many people together and made so many people laugh everyday, she literally changed lives. Kabosu will always be loved and remembered <3


Kabosu chan, you have changed the internet forever. You'll always live on in our hearts!


Thank you for your life. Although the farewell is sad, We'll keep in our hearts the laughs above all.

Daniel C.

Thank you Doge. Thanks for making our day happy

Carl from Philippines

I will do only good everyday for Kabosu


初めまして、私はタイ人です Kabosu chan is a very first doge meme to lead me to the world of Shiba inu and another japaness's dog breed. I'm an animal-person , especially shiba inu. Everyday when I've done tons of work, many shiba's photo make me feel relax and it's my little happiness in each day. Many thanks to the fluffy Kabosu chan. Wish you will run happily on the doge planet with other shiba that have gone before.


We loved you on earth, we will love you up in the sky! ❤️


Rip was the only reason I went forward still going to represent doge intel im gone


Thank you Kabosu for introducing me to the internet and memes. Doge memes was the first meme I ever saw when I first discovered the Internet. Thank You Kabosu for bring happiness and joy in the internet. Rest In Peace Kabosu


Rest In Peace funny yellow dog, you'll always be in my heart and memory, and I'm sure that im not the only one Also, Love from Brazil🇧🇷 Goodbye Doge.

Pedro Carvalho (Pedron)


Mike Oxlong

Thanks for the laughs (;

Carlos B

We are going to miss you a lot 🫶


Thank you for all the laughs and memories. I hope to visit the new statue of Kabosu and friends some day! Doge is truly unforgettable


Thank you kabosu for bringing so much joy into my life. Thank you kabosumama for sharing your gift with all of us. I will never forget you!


Muchas gracias, Kabosu! Siempre vivirás en nuestros corazones y tu legado permanecerá en el Internet para toda la eternidad ❤️

Adriana Rodriguez

Thank you, Kabosu, for existing. You may not know this, but just seeing your face and memes made some of the worst days I was going through better. I will always remember you and carry you with me in all the pins that decorate my bag every day on my way to work. And thank you to your family for keeping you close and warm until your last moments. ❤️🥹🐶

Jimena G

Long live the Doge


Rest in peace little one we love you


Thank you for making us laugh and smile with your ironic and legacy meme. Rest in Peace. We love you! We are missing you so much. ❤️💔


You will be always in our heart <3


Gracias por tu amabilidad


I love you Kabosu, we will always carry you in our hearts, your memory will always be pure light, you will always fill the internet with laughter.

Aura Yamil

Doge was one of the first memes I can remember (born 2005), and my younger brother (born 2007) was absolutely obsessed with it to the point where he had made a character out of the Doge meme, calling it "Dogey". At first it annoyed me because it was the only thing he would talk about but over time that feeling faded away and eventually I joined him. Together we created a whole world surrounding Dogey, making him the barbie of the meme world. He was a lawyer and he was the president, he was a hotel manager, he was an astronaut. The list goes on, and through this outlet we created many stories together, we roleplayed and made art. Doge was an important part of my childhood because it bonded me and my brother together in a way nothing else has, and I wouldn't trade those memories for the world. Thank you, Kabosu, for everything. I hope your afterlife is full of peace and happiness and you get everything you ever wanted because you deserve it. You deserve everything.


Muchas gracias por todo, nos diste mucha alegría en los momentos más oscuros de la humanidad (Pandemia). Desde Ciudad de México, México.

Sonia López

Kabosu, thank you for always making me smile with your photos! All love to you little star and your family! Direct from Brazil!🇧🇷 🤍🌈❤️

Mônica Somenzari

Rest in place lovely kabosu we will miss you

Maximiliano Pecina

Thank you so much for the laughs, the love. It's very appropriate that a dog, brought al many people together, we loved her and everything she represented, thanks to kabosumama for sharing with us so many private moments, the walks, the naps, and everything in between. Rest Easy kabochan, you're only gone physically, but you left an ideal behind you: Do Only Good Everyday.... Thank you ❤️

Javier García

Thank you Kabosu for being a good, cute and adorable dog, you will always live in everyone's hearts.


Long live Kabuso-chan!!! You are loved and cherished ❤️ You’ve brought smiles and laughter to more people than you could ever know ❤️ As you cross the rainbow bridge 🌈 remember your family who took such good care of you. Thank you Kabusomama for sharing the joy of Kabuso with all of us 😊


Muchas gracias por estar en nuestros momentos de risa, a nosotros como hermanos éso nos hizo más cercanos

Isra & Rick

Thanks you for the best memes, you will be missed and remembered forever💜 RIP Kabosu Gracias por los mejores memes, te extrañaremos y recordaremos por siempre 💜 descansa en paz Kabosu 🇲🇽


Rip cheems. I will always remember him 💕😭. Best meme dog in the world 😭😭💕💕


To Kabosu's family: Thank you for the love, affection and care you gave Kabosu during her life. She is now resting and lives in the hearts and minds of everyone she made happy. peace and love in your hearts and quick resignation in the face of this sad loss. Greetings from Colombia


Kabosu and Cheems were my emotional support during my darkest days. thank you for all the joy you give us, little girl.


"I have dogs at home but He was diffrent he was connected though my emotions through memes"


You’ll be loved and cherished always. Fly high baby girl. Have treatos and have fun with your new buddies. All the love your way.🦴🐾❤️


I don't have any memories but still I have deepest and unforgettable bond with kabuso that I'll be continue till after my life❤️


Thx for all the things u gave to the internet community. It's hard to think that u are not with us physically, but all of ur essence is in the memory of everyone who loves you. Rest in peace, Kabosu AKA Doge, we will always love you. We will miss you, funny yellow dog <3 ░░░░░░░░░▄░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄░░░░ ░░░░░░░░▌▒█░░░░░░░░░░░▄▀▒▌░░░ ░░░░░░░░▌▒▒█░░░░░░░░▄▀▒▒▒▐░░░ ░░░░░░░▐▄▀▒▒▀▀▀▀▄▄▄▀▒▒▒▒▒▐░░░ ░░░░░▄▄▀▒░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▒▄█▒▐░░░ ░░░▄▀▒▒▒░░░▒▒▒░░░▒▒▒▀██▀▒▌░░░ ░░▐▒▒▒▄▄▒▒▒▒░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▀▄▒▒▌░░ ░░▌░░▌█▀▒▒▒▒▒▄▀█▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▒▐░░ ░▐░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▌██▀▒▒░░░▒▒▒▀▄▌░ ░▌░▒▄██▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░▒▒▒▒▌░ ▐▒▀▐▄█▄█▌▄░▀▒▒░░░░░░░░░░▒▒▒▐░ ▐▒▒▐▀▐▀▒░▄▄▒▄▒▒▒▒▒▒░▒░▒░▒▒▒▒▌ ▐▒▒▒▀▀▄▄▒▒▒▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░▒░▒░▒▒▐░ ░▌▒▒▒▒▒▒▀▀▀▒▒▒▒▒▒░▒░▒░▒░▒▒▒▌░ ░▐▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░▒░▒░▒▒▄▒▒▐░░ ░░▀▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░▒░▒░▒▄▒▒▒▒▌░░ ░░░░▀▄▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▄▀▒▒▒▒▄▀░░░ ░░░░░░▀▄▄▄▄▄▄▀▀▀▒▒▒▒▒▄▄▀░░░░░ ░░░░░░░░░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▀▀░░░░░░░░<3


I grew up with memes such as Doge and I managed to visit Kabosu’s shrine in Japan this last month. Much love ❤️


Run ever so fast out in the fields Kabosu. Always in our hearts, much love. 💜