2005 - 2024

In loving memory
  • Much love, hope to see you again dogo <3


  • Kabosu = joy


  • Was great meeting you in Japan last year Kabo, hope you find dogo peace.


  • Doge is Love


  • Rest in peace to the world's most iconic dog, Kabosu. May her legacy of joy and perseverance live on forever through our global community. Legends never die.


  • I had the honor to meet you at the Doge Pilgrimage and I hope you enjoyed the visit as much as I did. Thank you for the love and joy you've brought to the world. May you rest in heaven surrounded by unlimited sweet potatoes. You are wow.


  • Rest in peace, Kabosu, my sweet furry fren. You have created a global movement to spread much pawsitivity, laughter, kindness, joy, love, and unity in a world that can be so dark at times. You are furever a legend my fren, I love you <3


  • Oo death where is thy sting, You took us unaware, Of course the future holds the best, Legacy ✨of Kabo won't fade, Global Frens in sorrow, Tell me you're just sleeping, Your absence turned the day to night, Now this is where the sun set,🌄 Eternal rest Kabo🕊️ A.T.L.A.S🕊️💟


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Remembering Kabosu
The world most famous dog, spreading positivity, and Doing Only Good Everyday.

Today, we come together with heavy hearts to bid farewell to an internet legend, an embodiment of joy, and a symbol of kindness – Kabosu, the beloved Shiba Inu known as Doge. The Doge who touched millions of hearts is now one amongst the stars, wagging her tail looking down at the legacy she has left.

Kabosu, in her endearing doge meme form, became an integral part of the online landscape. With her wide-eyed innocence and quirky captions written in Comic Sans font, she captured the essence of pure, unbridled happiness. In a digital world often marred by negativity and discord, Doge offered a much-needed respite, reminding us that amidst life's trials, a simple smile or a genuine act of kindness could brighten even the darkest days.

Beyond being an internet sensation, Kabosu represented something more profound – a philosophy of doing good. Her presence transcended the virtual realm and resonated with people from all walks of life. Her unmistakable grin taught us the value of spreading happiness and being compassionate, not just online but in our everyday lives. She inspired countless individuals to go beyond the constraints of the digital space and enact real change in their communities. Let us dive into the timeline of events, which made Kabosu the Doge it is today.

Her Story


Kabosu, the Shiba Inu we know as Doge today was born in a Japanese puppy mill. Her exact birth date is unknown but Atsuko, the dogemama made Kabosu a part of her family on November 2nd, marking it as Kabosu’s borkday.


The breeder who ran the puppy mill went out of business putting Kabosu, along with her 19 Shiba friends, to be amongst the stars. Chiba-Wan, an organization that rescued unfortunate dogs and cats, saved Kabosu and put her up for adoption. 16 days later, on November 2nd, Atsuko welcomed Kabosu in her home.


Atsuko started her blog “Taking a Walk with Kabosu-Chan” in June where she posted details of her adventures with Kabosu. The blog consisted of many images and soon it struck a chord with many netizens.


A blog post changed the trajectory of the internet. The image which the entire world calls Doge today was uploaded on Atsuko’s blog along with 8 other images of Kabosu on February 13th. The images stayed there, unbothered, moisturised and in their own lane……until someone discovered them!


From a single photograph, a phenomenon was born. The internet embraced Kabosu's endearing gaze, as comic sans text danced upon the image, giving birth to a sensation known as 'Doge.' Tumblr, Reddit and all social media channels were filled with Doge and on December 6 2013, Dogecoin – the people’s currency was launched.


The Doge hyper memefication was just getting started as we saw the shiba face on NASCAR race cars, Burning Man and the Doge community did many acts of Doing Only God Everyday like sending Jamaican Bobsled Team to the 2014 Winter Olympics. In 2019 Doge won Know Your Meme’s Meme of the Decade award.


The Doge image was minted as an NFT by Atsuko and auctioned off to PleasrDAO for $4.2M, making it one of the most expensive memes ever sold. This NFT was then fractionalised by Pleasr to provide everyone an opportunity to own the Doge.


Own The Doge, committed with the mission of taking Doge to places she has never been before organized a Doge Pilgrimage, registered an International Doge Day, helped erect a Bronze Doge Statue and kickstarted the production of The Doge Documentary as an act of devotion.

In the embrace of time's passage, the fateful moment arrived. With heavy hearts, the world bid farewell to Kabosu, the gentle soul who had touched millions.

The legacy of Doge continued to shine bright, a testament to the power of connection forged through the unlikeliest of mediums.

Do Only Good Everyday

As Kabosu's pawprints faded into the annals of history, a resounding truth remained – the impact of a small shiba inu named Doge had forever changed the fabric of our collective consciousness. Through laughter and tears, Kabosu's spirit soared, a celestial guide reminding us to embrace joy, to seek connection, and to always approach life with a wagging tail and a heart full of Doge.

In the years to come, let us cherish Kabosu's memory by striving to embody the values she represented. Let us carry forward her mission of spreading positivity and love, not just in our immediate circles but to the farthest reaches of the world. In doing so, we shall ensure that her legacy persists, an enduring reminder that a little goodness can go a long way.

As we say goodbye to Doge, we extend our deepest gratitude for the happiness she bestowed upon us, for the lives she touched, and for the unwavering commitment to "Do Only Good Everyday." Farewell, Kabosu. Your memory will forever brighten the corners of our lives, and your legacy will forever inspire us to make the world a better place. Long Live The Doge!